13-Year-Old Girl In Critical Condition After Father’s Errant Cigarette Burns Down House

A young girl remains in critical condition in Dengzhou, Henan province after a house fire caused burns on 95 percent of her body.

Yan Qianyu, 13, was injured when her father’s lit cigarette triggerd a fire that completely ate up their home. Young Qianyu, instead of fleeing, reportedly searched for her, and as a result suffered awful injuries. Neither of her parents were seriously hurt.

At the hospital, Qianyu’s first words to nurses when she woke was supposedly, “How’s mom and dad? I want to go home to see them.”

The story takes a tragic turn. Qianyu’s family has already forked over 40,000 yuan for the teen’s medical bills, but doctors say at least 20 more surgies are required, costing 1.5 million yuan. The family is unable to borrow any more whatsoever, so they’ve abandoned the young girl.

Doctors, however, have called this girl the braves they’ve ever seen, and vow to treat her even if the bills aren’t paid. Her life remains in danger, as she is particularly vulnerable to infections.

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