SCMP: Li Tianyi, Accused Of Gang Rape, Is Actually Older Than 16 And Should Be Tried As An Adult

Li Tianyi graduation photo
Li Tianyi, who was arrested last month for allegedly participating in a gang rape with four other people in a Beijing hotel, may have used his famous parents’ connections to falsify records to make himself seem younger than he actually is, according to a blockbuster exclusive from the South China Morning Post. Li’s parents, father... Read more »

Washington Court Sets $2 Million Bail For Chinese Student Charged With Vehicular Homicide, So His Mom Writes A Cashier’s Check

Yichun Xu and Brenda Gomez
Yichun Xu, 19, was charged with vehicular homicide in Des Moines, Iowa Washington on November 10 for speeding through a stop sign and crashing into a car full of people, one of whom later died from her injuries. Xu was driving four female passengers and reportedly going up to 70 miles per hour in a... Read more »

Hangzhou Mayor And NPC Delegate Shao Zhanwei Reportedly Dies Of Heart Attack In Beijing

Hangzhou mayor dead of heart attack
The Xinhua News Agency is reporting that sources say Hangzhou mayor Shao Zhanwei, a deputy at the 12th National Party Congress, died of a “sudden illness” in Beijing this morning. All other details are sparse, but another report identifies the sudden illness as a heart attack. It was just yesterday that Shao spoke about Wen... Read more »

Search continues for 2-month-old baby inside stolen vehicle [UPDATE: suspect turns himself in, admits killing baby]

The East is Read
Other than getting caught, this is probably a carjacker’s worst nightmare. (And a parent’s, too.) “Police in Changchun are searching for a 2-month-old baby who was in a[n] SUV that was stolen on Monday morning,” reports China Daily. One imagines no carjacker ever envisions himself classified as a kidnapper.

Whew: Wuhan’s Serial Finger-Biter Has Been Captured

Zhao Wuhan serial finger biter
Recently in Wuhan, a man bit "off" the finger of two people -- an old man and a young boy -- he randomly encountered on the streets. On Monday, that man, surnamed Zhao, 30, was detained in Huangshi, Hubei province. Police wrapped what appeared to be a cloth muzzle around Zhao's face:

Four killed and at least 18 injured after “stampede” in Hubei elementary school

The East is Read
At 6:15 am, what’s being described as a stampede broke out at Qinji elementary school in Xuej township in Laohekou, a county-level city in Xiangyang, Hubei province. The accident was caused by a dormitory gate collapsing, according to one report. Another article from China News Service says students were on their way to morning exercises when they... Read more »

Victim Of Gang-Rape Reportedly Willing To Drop Charges For A House, Hukou, And Job [UPDATE]

Li Shuangjiang (left) and his son Li Guanfeng
CRI reports that the suspected gang-rape victim in a high-profile case involving Li Tianyi, whose father is famous People’s Liberation Army singer Li Shuangjiang, might drop the charges if a few of her material demands are met: A netizen called “dugeweibo” released on his or her Sina microblog that said the parents of Li Guanfeng and... Read more »

Punishment Comes Down On Yan Linkun For His Epic Airport Meltdown

Yan Linkun
The CPPCC official who went ballistic after missing his flight in Kunming has been suspended from the mining company that employs him, according to People’s Daily. The better penalty may have already been levied though, in the form of shame: Yan Linkun, the deputy chairman of Yunnan Mining Corp, is now the face of airport meltdowns the world... Read more »