Foreigner In Changsha Beaten For Allegedly Raping Woman In Public, Currently Under Investigation

A 22-year-old identified as a Saudi Arabian student has been detained for allegedly raping a woman, 38, on the streets of Changsha on April 4.

According to Sina, the man, surnamed Alsubate, “pushed down a woman of 30 and stripped her, trying to rape her outside a KFC store in downtown Changsha at around 6 am Thursay, according to a witness surnamed Yang.”

Mr. Yang was the one who called the police.

The Associated Press identifies the assailant as “Alsubaie,” and reports he has confessed.

According to a statement posted on the Changsha police’s microblog, the man said he had drunk alcohol early Thursday morning and when he saw a woman inside a restaurant at around 6 a.m., he molested her inside and outside the establishment.

Shanghai Daily adds that the KFC was on Jiefang Road, and that the man, “about 1.6 meters tall, wore slippers.” It also quotes the eyewitness surnamed Yang.

A witness, surnamed Yang, said they thought the two were lovers as they were “hugging and pushing” each other, but it soon turned violent.

“Several others joined me to stop him,” Yang said. “When we went up, the man stood up and grabbed his pants to cover his lower body. We were very angry and a young girl scolded him in English,” he added.

Some witnesses then started beating the foreigner. He uttered words in English as he tried to dodge the blows, Yang said.

The incident reminds everyone of an alleged sexual assault that occurred last May in Beijing, also involving a foreigner who was beaten. Perhaps you remember the weird video. Some netizens are passing around a screenshot from that incident in connection with this story.

More info as it becomes available.

(H/T Two Americans in China)

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