Petitioner’s Tales: The Complaints You’re Not Supposed To Hear

China's State Bureau of Letters and Calls in Beijing
For those who have been wronged in China, the last best chance for official redress is at the State Bureau of Letters and Calls in Beijing. When all other options fail, this is where the people go -- and they do, by the thousands, every year, sometimes with little more than a handwritten complaint.

Jiangmen Protest Successful As City Scraps Plans To Build Uranium Plant

Jiangmen protest of uranium power plant
Hundreds of residents staged a not-in-my-backyard protest in Jiangmen, Guangdong province on Friday to oppose plans to build a uranium processing plant. SCMP reports that the protest, a restrained and civil affair, was largely organized via social media. The uranium complex, featuring three 30-hectare plants, would have been the nation's biggest, reports NY Times.