Goddamnit, Asian Americans

Jimmy Kimmel as Hitler
Photo via Time from San Francisco protest on October 28 against ABC and Jimmy Kimmel, because of the “kill everyone in China” joke.


This is the stuff I expect out of Global Times, not fellow Asian Americans. Speaking of Global Times:

Although the comment was made by a child, the episode has in some ways, offered a reflection of mainstream public opinion in the US on China.


It is difficult to read what the US is really thinking when it looks at China especially with China expected to play a bigger role in geopolitics alongside the US in future.


Sino-US relations cannot be viewed in the same light as those of the former Soviet Union and the US during the Cold War. China and the US have a more complicated relationship…

Horse on cow dung clopping on your living room carpet. You see the people you’ve sided with, Asian American protesters? Does this convince you to stop?

Friends: if we can’t take an off-the-cuff remark from a 6-year-old child without referencing Nazis or building straw men with ridiculous hypotheticals (“what if he said that about Jews?”), we’re done. Finished. We’re hopeless, and we will never be liberal participants in an open society. We might as well shack up in the Singaporean subway system and count down the hours toward a copacetic death. If you want to begin a conversation with a friend about ethnocentricism and casual racism, try using YouTube videos as a springboard. But have a little bit of self-respect and realize, please, that we’re talking about Jimmy Kimmel and his brand of niche comedy, and a 6-year-old who really probably does not think we should kill all Chinese people. It is not a reflection of mainstream public opinion on anything, in the same way — looking at you, American media — that those San Francisco protesters are not a reflection of Asian American opinion on this issue.


    8 Responses to “Goddamnit, Asian Americans”

    1. bag-o-dicks

      I’m glad you finally agree with me that Asian Americans have the most absurd persecution complex of any minority in the western world.

    2. name

      Is there really an “Asian American” opinion on this issue? This protesters remind me so much of those nationalist mobs in the PRC who pretend to express the hurt feelings of “China”. I don’t see “the Asian American opinion” there, I just see a bunch of ignorants with tasteless placards.

      In fact I don’t see race. People tell me I am white and I believe them because I understand Laowai Comics.

    3. Chinese Netizen

      Are these Asian Americans the same people that wave the CCP flag in adoration every time an oil slick headed PRC official arrives at an American airport?

      • Brendan

        By and large, no — I mean, the US-based fifty-centers probably getting in on the fun too, but I’ve also been seeing anger at this from US-based Chinese friends who are very far from stupid, and are not ‘nationalist’ in the way the term is usually used.

        I think this only makes sense if you assume that it’s not really about Jimmy Kimmel — that the whole thing really has to do with the perceptible change in US attitudes towards China over the past few years.

    4. AtTheBackoftheHill

      First off, Jimmy Kimmel presents absurd, silly, and often lame humour late at night. So I rather doubt that many people who are upset regularly watch his show, or they would understand both the context and the style of “humour”. Cited out of context, almost anything can be offensive. The six year old’s statement was almost certainly cited out of context by people determined to be offended.

      Secondly, I live near Chinatown, and use Cantonese on a daily basis. I have not yet heard anyone mention the Jimmy Kimmel show in ANY context in Cantonese (although if they did mention it in Mandarin, it would have gone right by me; I don’t speak passable Mandarin, and I am totally uninterested in what those dull irony-impaired Northerners have to say).

      Third issue: Holy sh*t! We had a protest here in San Francisco? When was it, and where? Why didn’t I find out about it till just now? How many people attended? Was it more than ten?

      Fourth item: The Global Times (環球時報) is the mouthpiece of the party. Here in San Francisco I have seen numerous Chinese newspapers for sale, many of which I read irregularly. I have no clue where the Global Times may be found. I’ve never seen a copy lying around in my favourite bakery. Must be too damned high-class and literate for the simple Toishanese bankers, entrepreneurs, and waiters. It’s probably avidly read by the China experts across the bay at UC Berkeley, though. As well as members of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (Bob Avakian’s bunch of fevered Maoists).

    5. SinoSoul

      I’m going to the flip side. EFF Jimmy Kimmel. You’re telling me these kids aren’t a lil bit scripted? You’re saying 6YOs don’t pickup things from adults? And they’re totally naivete? That kids don’t repeat everything adults say?

      Spoken like a bunch of non-parents, cuz my 2YO will repeat “gdamnit you f**tard Chinese driver” faster than the next Confederate.

      Instead of brushing off the comment, JK took the blurt to another level. For that, he’s the only one responsible, because he deemed it funny. Because he’s not funny.

      There are some red lines that shouldn’t be crossed. 1: saying Holocaust is OK. 2: hypothetical genocide. You can call every single AA slanty-eyed shitty drivers, but to make fun of killing 1.3B people? That’s not funny you ahole (unless it’s the Koreans).

    6. hehe

      Why do Asian Americans care in the first place ? They’re Americans. If all the people in China get killed, they’ll still be slurping their smoothies and eating their donuts.

    7. Bobby

      I wonder where all the loving outraged Chinese were last year protesting all the people in China who hung signs on their businesses and cars saying Kill all the Japanese? Hypocrites!


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