Just Three Buddies On The Beijing Subway

Three happy men
Should any of us experience this type of blithe, unadulterated joy while riding the subway, we should count ourselves lucky — or insane to have finally unyoked from the shells of prejudice and misunderstanding that trammel the great grand human social experience. May the world be as happy a place as depicted here, sans worry,... Read more »

Studying In The Subway, On A Portable Desk

Studious on subway
It’s unclear when this picture was taken, but it appeared on 王浩然vic‘s Weibo yesterday. Netizens have expressed bemusement. Why this young lady needs a desk to read is a question I’ll not answer here. Instead, I’ll point you to Helen Gao’s recent article in The Atlantic about gaokao. One feels compelled to rip the desk away, tell... Read more »

Do Not Sexually Harass This Woman Wearing A See-Through Dress, Please

Shanghai Metro protest
But what is sexual harassment, really? Does leering count? How about intense leering? How about penetrative leering? What about sniffing? Impassioned sniffing? And while we’re on the subject… aggressive winking: yay or nay? Here’s what Shanghai Metro’s official Sina Weibo account, which posted the above picture last Wednesday, had to say about this (as translated... Read more »

Man Ejaculates On Woman In Subway

I'm in the (homemade) Optimus Prime costume; Hong Kong subway, 2008
Image via here. In a story about ejaculation — featuring a heavy dose of it as the centerpiece, anyway — China Daily chose to go with the non-descriptive headline “Molesting suspect held by police,” not sure why. (I know why.) The story: The woman passenger, who was wearing denim shorts, said she suddenly felt something... Read more »

Pole Dancers Galore, On Beijing Subway And In Zeta Bar

Zeta Bar Pole Dance 1
Where to begin? Zeta Bar in Hilton Beijing held its fourth pole-dancing competition on Saturday in collaboration with Love Show Studio, the self-proclaimed “Beijing’s No. 1 pole-dancing school.” Local nightlife blogger Jim Boyce informs us the winners were “Ms. Zhenzhen,” as chosen by judges, and “Ms. Vivi,” as chosen by the audience. We’re not sure... Read more »

This Is Either The Worst Or Best Pole Dance Ever [UPDATE]

Best or worst pole dance ever
UPDATE: The above video was appended on 3/18. It features Ayo Technology and Don’t Cha. The Chinese Pole Dancing Championship is about to start (apparently), and the woman in the video after the jump (it’s there because it auto-plays) is sixty-something [correction: born in the 1960s] Shi Xiaohong (according to title). All we know for... Read more »