Professional Volleyball Players Criticized For Skirting Beijing Subway Security Check

Steve Brinkman
Fred Winters (left) and Steve Brinkman are among the first foreigners to come to China for professional volleyball. That they were former Canadian national team players makes them a big deal, not completely dissimilar, we imagine, to Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady as far as the impact their presence has had on club and fan... Read more »

Hangzhou’s Subway Opened On Sunday, And People Are Already Peeing In Its Carriages

On Hangzhou's newly opened subway
Hangzhou’s Subway Line 1 opened on Sunday with a four-day “free subway” campaign. That was a bad idea, it turns out. On the third day, Tuesday, passenger volume reached nearly 70,000 by 5 pm, reports People’s Daily, which ran the above photo (a kid relieving himself in the subway… again) in a story headlined “Uncivilized... Read more »

Moments In Poop History: This Kid On The Guangzhou Subway

When you gotta go...
This is one of those stories that Chinese netizens would probably prefer to keep bottled up within the confines of Chinese social media, considering mainlanders already have a reputation for being shameless when it comes to public defecation. On Saturday, someone posted onto Sina Weibo a picture of a boy pooping on a crowded Guangzhou... Read more »

In This Video, We Hear The Beijing Subway Hostage-Taker’s Voice

Beijing subway hostage taker's voice featured image
Yesterday night, a man took a subway security guard hostage for about 70 minutes at Tuanjiehu station on Line 10, and when negotiators failed to get him to release the hostage, a sniper took him out. A lot of the dialogue in this video is unintelligible, but we're pretty sure that at the beginning, the hostage-taker tells everyone nearby, "Don't come any closer."

Woman On Subway Literally Too Hot For Her Shirt

Woman On Subway Literally Too Hot For Her Shirt featured image
In Shenzhen on Tuesday, a woman got into a verbal confrontation with a warden inside a subway station. The woman was wearing just a bra, no shirt. The warden was telling her she was being indecent. The "discussion" proceeded in such a way as to attract someone nearby to begin filming. This is what happened on tape:

Young Prick In Hong Kong Behaves Like Asshole Toward Mainland Mother And Child

Mainlander and Hong Kong kid in subway featured image
Was just a matter of time before the nationalistic sentiment on the streets of Hong Kong spilled over into daily life, right? Posted yesterday, this Sina video depicts a young Hong Kong man with a Bruno Mars hairstyle cursing out a mainland woman and her daughter on the subway. Judging by that description alone, you wouldn't be surprised if I told you it's been watched more than 1 million times, would you?