Knife-Wielding Man In Guangzhou Gunned Down By Police

Tuesday morning in Guangzhou’s Huangpu District, a man believed to be mentally unstable ran around trying to chop random people with a knife. He reportedly injured two, a 45-year-old male pedestrian and the female owner of a secondhand shop, before encountering police on Dianchang Road.

The man began chasing the cops, remaining ever crazy. After repeated warnings fell on deaf ears, officers pulled out firearms and, still retreating, fired several shots. According to Guangzhou Daily’s microblog, the bullet that finally took the man down lodged in his thigh. He was transported to the hospital, where efforts to rescue him failed.

The two people he slashed are in stable condition.

“This sparked much debate about the use of guns in a country where many police do not carry firearms,” reports the Nanfang.

It’s true that guns are rarely used in China. The last time we encountered a widely reported gun incident, the person who got shot in the face fared much better than the shooter, who took a brick to the face.

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