At Least 2 Dead, 3 Missing In Tunnel Collapse At Xi’an Subway Construction Site

Xi'an subway collapse
At least two are dead after an accident at a subway construction site in Xi'an, Shaanxi province this morning. At around 2:40 am, a tunnel caved in as nine workers were in the midst of building Line 3. Four have been rescued, but of the five that were buried, two have been found dead while the other three are still missing. (Note: the title of the above video claims three died on the scene.)

Guangzhou Subway Attendant Resusciates American With CPR, Earns “Most Beautiful” Label

Guangzhou Subway Attendant Resusciates American With CPR, Earns “Most Beautiful” Label featured image
On the morning of Saturday, February 9, an American named James suddenly collapsed at the Liede station of Guangzhou Metro Line 5. The video of the incident was just made available, which you can watch above. A subway attendant, Zhang Jie, supported James's head while her colleague rubbed his chest. He remained unresponsive for a minute, at which point, while waiting for rescue personnel to arrive, Ms. Zhang began performing CPR. She said he remained unresponsive until after her third attempt, when he let out a breath of air.

Woman Assaulted By Young Man On Hong Kong Subway After Saying Inauspicious Things About His Family

Hong Kong subway fight featured image
A few days ago in Hong Kong, a young man was filmed yelling at, kicking and hitting a woman on the subway. The reason? According to Apple Daily English: A middle-aged woman accidentally kicked a boy's trolley while rushing to get to an empty seat. She blamed the boy for being in the way, and cursed him, telling him to "go tomb sweeping for your family." Offended, the boy began beating the woman, dragging her out of the carriage.

Your First Look At “No Pants Subway Ride” Shanghai 2013

No Pants Subway Ride Shanghai
No Pants Subway Ride, the annual event launched in 2002 by New York City-based Improv Everywhere, has spread to more than 60 cities, in which subway commuters strip off their pants on January 13 just because. Thousands participated this year in New York, hundreds in Mexico City, and, um, maybe a dozen or so in Shanghai?... Read more »

Police Detain Mother In Beijing Petitioning For Improved Subway Safety (Because Her Son Was Electrocuted)

Mother detained Beijing subway petitioner 2
Remember, you can do anything in China as long as you don’t subvert the state, anger the wrong people, or — as one subway petitioner found out — “disturb social order.” Meng Zhaohong, whose son was electrocuted at Gulou Station in 2010 when he was a 22-year-old student, has been petitioning for safer subways around... Read more »