And Now For Something Completely Different: People’s Daily’s Bathing Advisory

Photo/XINHUA - no, seriously

While significant things happen outside the offices of People’s Daily, and other people do real work (like censoring videos — Youku, looking at you), People’s Daily Online has teamed up with Xinhua to bring you important, possibly life-saving tips on dangerous bathing, in a not-at-all tongue-in-cheek article called, “Danger: Don’t bathe under the following conditions.” You’ll find such helpful advice such as, “Energy consumption will be increased by 20% when a person’s body temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius. Therefore, don’t take a bath with a fever to avoid accidents.”

I just have one question though. What the heck is up with these photos?

This doesn't look like bathing.

Oh, but rose petals are OK. C'MON!

Another bathing danger: jumping in the tub with the FREAKIN' SIRENS.

Quoting: "Don't bathe in hunger or after meals." WHAT's UP WITH HER CUCUMBERS THEN?

She doesn't seem to realize why a camera is pointing at her.

Those are the pictures that appear in the People’s Daily Online piece, and all are credited to Xinhua. I’m not sure if that means Xinhua took those pictures or found them on the Internet in some smut alley of Shutterstock, but China’s foremost agency for “news” and “information” continues to peddle sex. I sense confused messages.

As BJC contributor Jim Fields puts it, “Classic People’s Daily softcore porn puff piece.” They’ve got a future in this, I think, should the journalism business fail them.

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