American Kim Lee Wins Landmark Divorce Case Against Abusive Husband

Kim Lee and Li Yang
American Kim Lee came into the Chinese spotlight in 2011 when she dared to speak out against domestic violence. She posted pictures of injuries suffered at the hands of her abusive husband, Crazy English founder Li Yang. And then she publicly hassled him about signing their divorce papers. Well, yesterday morning, Kim won about as definitively... Read more »

Anne Ishii Writes About Eddie Huang And The Size Of Asian Men’s Penises. Read At Your Own Peril

Eddie Huang shower
Anne Ishii, writer/translator in New York, writing in Slate: Martin Luther King Jr. said… Please stop. …we should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin, but no one said anything about what’s in our pants. Oh fuck. There is an unspeakable fallacy that all Asian-American men must decide... Read more »

Migrant Worker Loses More Than 14,000 Yuan In Worst Possible Way [UPDATE: Video]

Chinese migrant worker loses money
“Finders, keepers.” Perhaps you’ve found yourself, in the throes of prepubescence, uttering this phrase to a classmate or friend as you pocket a nickel or dime, or pack of fruit candy, or nub of pencil eraser. In Shanghai’s Changning district recently, this playground idea of “finders, keepers” was taken to the illogical extreme, as a... Read more »

Watch: Amy Poehler And Asian American Star In Best Buy Super Bowl Ad

Amy Poehler and Asian American featured image
In a Super Bowl filled with moments, including Jacoby Jones’s 108-yard kickoff return, Colin Kaepernick’s touchdown scramble (longest TD run by a quarterback in Super Bowl history) that pulled the 49ers within two from 22 points down, Ed Reed’s interception, double-murderer Ray Lewis’s missed tackles, THE POWER OUTAGE (that enabled all of us to play... Read more »

A Woman Named Sara Jane Will Teach You Royal British Etiquette For The Low Price Of 10,000 Pounds

Sara Jane Ho
A Hong Kong-born, British- and Harvard-educated woman, Sara Jane Ho, is opening a school of etiquette, the Institute Sarita, in the Park Hyatt Beijing. Price? Only £2,000 to £10,000 (about $3,140 to $15,700). Would you pay this much for, according to Daily Mail, “lectures on how to use a knife and fork properly, how to... Read more »

The Sound Stage: China’s Radiohead If Radiohead Played The Blues?

16 Minutes featured image
We're fans of music here, so when Jonathan Alpart's latest episode of The Sound Stage on CRI found a band that describes itself as "Radiohead if they played the blues," we had to check it out. What do you think? 16 Minutes is the outfit. They ain't Radiohead, but the moral here is: aim high. Maybe you'll find yourself compared to Coldplay.

Where Can I Watch The Super Bowl In Beijing?

Super Bowl XLVII
The official Super Bowl party in Beijing is at the Kerry Hotel starting at 6:30 am tomorrow. It costs 300 RMB for adults, 200 RMB for children, which includes free-flow Budweiser and soft drinks, an American breakfast, and interactive games. A table of 10 costs 2,800 RMB and can be reserved by calling 8565 2633. What... Read more »

Angry Birds, Garfield, Donald Duck And Chinese God Of Wealth Say: Pay Us

Angry Birds protest 1
This might become a trend. Following in the footsteps of the Gangnam Style protesters, five migrant workers took to creative means to attract attention to their protest on Thursday outside the China National Radio building in Beijing. Like the Gangnam dancers in Wuhan, these men were demanding unpaid wages, to the tune of 280,000 yuan,... Read more »