The Sound Stage: China’s Radiohead If Radiohead Played The Blues?

We’re fans of music here, so when Jonathan Alpart’s latest episode of The Sound Stage (Youku playlist) on CRI found a band that describes itself as “Radiohead if they played the blues,” we had to check it out. What do you think?

16 Minutes is the outfit. They ain’t Radiohead, but the moral here is: aim high. Maybe you’ll find yourself compared to Coldplay.

    4 Responses to “The Sound Stage: China’s Radiohead If Radiohead Played The Blues?”

    1. jtdj

      Ha, check out this onion article,2730/

      “To be perfectly honest, I think they sound much more like Oasis,” Yorke told the magazine. “Or maybe some shit pop band, like the Killers. Their only similarity to us is that they’ve made their music available for free online, and that hardly counts. After listening to every one of their songs and poring over all of their lyrics, I can say without hesitation that Radiohead has never influenced this band in any way, shape, or form.”

    2. godzilla_p.i.

      if you are going to compare yourself to radiohead you better be able to back that up. I’ve still never heard another Chinese band that could even compare to Mutuigua, so they should start there.


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