Angry Birds, Garfield, Donald Duck And Chinese God Of Wealth Say: Pay Us

Angry Birds protest 1

This might become a trend. Following in the footsteps of the Gangnam Style protesters, five migrant workers took to creative means to attract attention to their protest on Thursday outside the China National Radio building in Beijing. Like the Gangnam dancers in Wuhan, these men were demanding unpaid wages, to the tune of 280,000 yuan, they say. According to Sina, they represent 31 employees of different companies in Hebei province.

The characters represented (from left to right) are Angry Birds, Garfield, Donald Duck, and the Chinese God of Wealth. Short video below.

Angry Birds protest 2
Angry Birds protest 3

(Photos via; h/t Alicia)

    One Response to “Angry Birds, Garfield, Donald Duck And Chinese God Of Wealth Say: Pay Us”

    1. fdawei David

      Why do the workers have to resort to such tactics to draw attention to their plight? This is a case where the central government must step in to ensure these hard-working migrant workers receive their pay on time every time. It is so reminiscent of previous situations where large-scale employers refuse to pay their workers and migrant workers and when the workers protest, they are set upon by thugs and other miscreants hired by the defaulting employer.
      This is one of the first issues Xi JinPing must address as a new leader who has trumpeted his new vision of China.


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