Da Peng Responds To Conan

Conan O’Brien isn’t the only showman who knows the entertainment value in a good cross-ocean rivalry. Via Tea Leaf Nation, which has a very good recap of the show, Da Peng goes on the offensive. 56.com video (sans English subtitles) for those in China after the jump. Read more »

Guy On Art: He Sen’s Short-Lived Exhibition Showcases Journey To The West, Women In Undergarments

Monkeys do not have opinions on curatorial ethics.
Today Art Museum, a totally unprecedented factory-cum-gallery space (it’s not unprecedented at all), has done us all the favor of cutting back on the galleries to focus on what art lovers really want: posh restaurants and cafes. I could go on along this vein, but this review really isn’t about Today Art Museum, featuring a... Read more » Read more »

Woman With Toddler Nearly Jumps Off Bridge

Woman With Toddler Nearly Jumps Off Bridge
The above video came to my attention two days ago and is now beginning to make the rounds, namely British media and Huffington Post, though it's also found on southeast Asian newscasts and has been reported on in China. The officer who saves the woman is Qiao Jinhai. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about him. Read more »

A CDS Special: Ask A Dissident Who Can’t Get Arrested

Ask a Dissident
China Daily Show is the only news source visible from outer space. This is a CDS-BJC joint production. Dear Dissident Who Can’t Get Arrested, My beloved pet cat went missing while I was out walking it in the park last week. Afterwards, I spotted one of my neighbours wearing a bracelet exactly like the diamond-studded collar my little... Read more » Read more »

Dashan On David

Dashan on David
A commenter on a previous Dashan post wrote, “This is unacceptable; Dashan has work hard for lot years, forgoing family ties and responsibility to elderly parents and chance of creating happy family of his own. By personally sacrificing good life among his own people in developed west country, he has come China to help bridge... Read more » Read more »

Foreigners In Beijing, This Is Why Cabbies Refuse To Take You Home From Sanlitun At 2 AM. Sorry, I Guess

Drake Moreau
The brutal winters of Beijing don't leave room for much activity, particularly for the expat in this spit-and-shit squat toilet of a city. Aside from sitting in your heated apartment watching Game of Thrones or Archer, pretty much the only other option on a Friday night is drinking the cold off your skin and making your way to a crowded smoky bar. This is a story of what happened when my friend – who we’ll call Drew – and I did just that last month. Read more »

Dashan: ‘I Can’t Remember Any Of My Friends Or Acquaintances Using Terms Like That Since We Were In Junior High And Didn’t Yet Really Understand What A Vagina Is.’

He's a charmer, that Dashan. Yesterday we posted about how cute it was that he -- China expert Mark Rowswell -- finally discovered ChinaSmack, one of the most popular China blogs on the Internet, and today we find out that he likes ChinaSmack so much that he's posting multiple comments. Read more »

Watch: Conan O’Brien Gets ‘Revenge’ On Chinese Talk Show

Conan gets revenge featured image
The Chinese show in question, which Conan calls “really weird,” is Da Peng Debade《大鹏嘚吧嘚》, hosted by Dong Chengpeng (董成鹏 [born Jan. 12, 1982, 176 cm, blood type AB...]). It is weird, but at least it’s different, a fun variety show featuring crosstalk, magic acts, theater, colorful characters, funny graphics – a victory for Chinese programming, trust me. And at least it tries to be creative, albeit creativity in its opening credits manifests itself in the form of copying an American show that is actually creative. But it’s trying! And it has been, according to Baidu Baike, one of the most popular shows on the Internet ever since Dong (Da Peng) launched it in 2007. Read more »