Dashan On Winged Victory Of Samothrace

Dashan on Winged Victory of Samathrace
Nike’s been without a head for long enough. “We should thank Dashan. One day they will build his statue, high and gold in important place in big city in China. then you will say sorry. he is right.” –BJC commenter Got a Dashan statue to submit? Send to tao@beijingcream.com. Read more »

Let The Fellatio Of Lei Feng’s Cold, Dead Body Begin

China Daily's Lei Feng fellatio
Perchance, might I ask, how does he lead? By being dead? By making everyone feel inferior at the feet of his boundless magnanimity? With puppy-like, blind devotion? By making evangelists of us all and self-subjugating to a symbol and a spirit, when in fact that symbol and spirit is a myth written by people as real,... Read more » Read more »

Yishus: I Speak For The Paintings, For The Paintings Speak Not For Themselves

Groping statue
My retinal neuroprocessors shifted into slo-mo as his hand, fingers twitching, extended to caress the oil painting at the National Art Museum of China. As a painter myself, I completely understand the urge to cop a feel of a comely piece of work. However, three points for consideration regarding this particular case of public non-consensual... Read more » Read more »

Male Chinese ‘Tour Guide’ And Female American ‘Student’ Keen To The Night About This Perplexing, Desolate, Wonderful City Called Beijing

Male Chinese ‘Tour Guide’ And Female American ‘Student’ Keen To The Night About This Perplexing, Desolate, Wonderful City Called Beijing
The above video first appeared on Youku four days ago and currently has nearly 48,000 views. The two singers -- a Chinese tour guide and an American student, according to the video's somewhat melodramatic description (They are a guide, a student. It was tourism that made them acquaintances, a song that made them familiars, reality that made them bewildered) -- present their version of "Beijing Beijing"《北京北京》. Judging by the video's comments, the duo has struck a chord. Read more »

Hey Look, A Red Guard Being Fondled While Saluting Mao (Not For Those Offended By Illustrations Of Boobs)

Young Lust - Red Guard Romance
The Shanghaiist uncovered a bit of a gem earlier today, “Young Lust No. 5: ‘Red Guard Romance,’” by Bill Griffith (Zippy the Pinhead, anyone?) and Jay Kinney. A series of similar comics, mostly from the 1970s — created as satire of DC and Marvel’s “romance comics” – appears on Kinney’s website. The Red Guard Romance series was... Read more » Read more »

Meet A Chinese Person (x2): Vicki and Sissi

Vicki and Sissi
By Amy Sands In addition to their indisputable beauty and mastery of funny faces, fellow English teachers Sissi and Vicki have much in common. To begin, both have favorite foods that I had never heard of: Sissi loves “liulianguo” while Vicki loves “shanzhu.” After a heated debate about the existence of these fruits and possible translation... Read more » Read more »

Friday Links: Chai, Like Shit, Sometimes Just Happens: Courtyard ‘Wrongly’ Demolished

NeoCha - Gantz
Macao-based graffiti artists GANTZ5, via NeochaEDGE  Well, this sucks: The demolition of a courtyard, on Qinlao Hutong in Nanluoguxiang, was wrongly conducted as it was not included in the government plan for the construction of an underground parking lot, said cultural heritage campaigners yesterday. [Global Times] I guess now’s as good a time as any to... Read more » Read more »

Da Peng Responds To Conan

Conan O’Brien isn’t the only showman who knows the entertainment value in a good cross-ocean rivalry. Via Tea Leaf Nation, which has a very good recap of the show, Da Peng goes on the offensive. 56.com video (sans English subtitles) for those in China after the jump. Read more »

Guy On Art: He Sen’s Short-Lived Exhibition Showcases Journey To The West, Women In Undergarments

Monkeys do not have opinions on curatorial ethics.
Today Art Museum, a totally unprecedented factory-cum-gallery space (it’s not unprecedented at all), has done us all the favor of cutting back on the galleries to focus on what art lovers really want: posh restaurants and cafes. I could go on along this vein, but this review really isn’t about Today Art Museum, featuring a... Read more » Read more »

Woman With Toddler Nearly Jumps Off Bridge

Woman With Toddler Nearly Jumps Off Bridge
The above video came to my attention two days ago and is now beginning to make the rounds, namely British media and Huffington Post, though it's also found on southeast Asian newscasts and has been reported on in China. The officer who saves the woman is Qiao Jinhai. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about him. Read more »