UCCA Exhibition Explores Art In A “Post-Internet” World

UCCA Post Internet

Our friends at Beijing Today swing by now and then to introduce art and culture in the city.

A new exhibition at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, curated by Karen Archery and Robin Peckham, is exploring the character of new art whose concepts, ideas, dissemination and reception are defined by a post-Internet world.

Titled “Art Post-Internet,” the collection includes works by artists based in New York, London and Berlin.

“Share Health” is a group of soap dispensers on a wall, made by Jose Kline. The work is symbolic of the segmented nature of modern life.

Another photo series, “Nine Eyes of Google Street View,” shows a collection of photos from Google’s Street View project that reflects how the stories happening around us every minute are recorded today.

Other pieces, such as a collection of billboards on ATMs and an abstract series of images taken on a table, are interpreted as a commentary about how modern life is being sliced up into picture or video moments rather than being taken as a whole as it was in the past.

The character of the Internet era is a severely decreased expectation of privacy and a crashing down of traditional interpersonal barriers.

The exhibition includes two pre-recorded lectures: “Thinking Post-Internet,” by Karen Archery and Robin Peckham, and another on the history of UCCA.

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District
Through May 11
(010) 5780 0202 / 0203

This post originally appeared in Beijing Today.

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    1. Patrick

      Thanks for the write-up! “Thinking Post-Internet” is actually a live talk by curators Karen Archey and Robin Peckham moderated by UCCA Director Philip Tinari. It’s this Saturday from 2:30-4:30. I do not believe the other lecture exists.


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