Highlights From ChinaJoy 2013

China Joy 2013a

Games and cosplay in China meet every year around this time during the China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference in Shanghai, aka ChinaJoy. First started in 2004, this expo is ostensibly all about showcasing the best in the gaming community, but, well, it’s the girls who steal the show, because nothing quite represents undersexed geekdom than scantily clad women. The wings and makeup are gratuitous.

As if you needed proof, check out the photos sampled below via Guangming.

If you’d like a round-up of the conference itself, head over to Kotaku, whose Eric Jou attended the event:

Over 200,000 people attended the four-day event, which is arguably one of the largest gaming expos in the world, second in Asia only to the Tokyo Game Show. Despite the massive turnout, this year’s China Joy seemed smaller. Perhaps due to the possibility of a lift on the console ban, major companies such as Sony and Microsoft didn’t even have booths at this year’s show.

Or just look at these pictures. More via Tech in Asia, if you can handle it.

China Joy 2013b
China Joy 2013c
China Joy 2013d
China Joy 2013e
China Joy 2013f
China Joy 2013g
China Joy 2013h
China Joy 2013i
China Joy 2013j
China Joy 2013k

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