Stick-Wielding Cops Versus Knife-Wielding Man On Drugs: Who Wins?

Let’s play a game: identify the strangest part of this incident from Changzhou, Jiangsu province:

Is it the man, on drugs, who, after his own vehicle was nicked on the road, got out and took two vegetable knives from a street-side vendor, dropped 100 yuan, and then “borrowed” (stole) a van?

Is it the medium-speed police case, featuring the man telling his pursuers to stop chasing him by way of waving his arm outside the window? (Hey guys, c’mon, stop it!)

Is it the group of cops, now on foot, holding up sticks to keep the knife-wielding man at a distance, all the while saying things like, “Let us talk,” and shouting at passengers in other cars on the road, “Roll up your windows!”?

Is it the man holding himself hostage, telling cops to keep their distance?

Or is it the fact that the standoff is resolved after the man is talked into getting into a police car on his own power?

This incident happened in May, but the amusing footage was just broadcast on Saturday. No one got hurt except the knife-wielding man, who cut himself on his right hand.

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