Chengguan Does Ultra Bro Thing, Removes Uniform Before Fighting Civilian

On Monday, according to this Jiangxi news show, a chengguan (street enforcement officer) riding against traffic (this bit of info is filled in by China News) in Chengdu bumped into or scraped against a store owner, precipitating an argument. This happened off-camera. When the store owner (or someone related) begins filming — which is completely within his right — the chengguan loses his temper. Pushing and shoving ensues. And then, strangely — because chengguan are just kind of boorish sometimes — the chengguan removes his shirt, the most alpha of alpha signals that OH IT’S ON BRO, IT’S ON!

Tussle ensues. Chengguan everywhere lose in the only place that matters: public opinion. Keep on doing that thing you do, asshats.

(H/T Alicia)

    3 Responses to “Chengguan Does Ultra Bro Thing, Removes Uniform Before Fighting Civilian”

    1. don

      “Please sir, please put your shirt back on. Your alabaster droopy flab does nothing to defuse the situation.”

    2. Brian

      On the plus side, he at least went for a square-go instead of relying on his uniform or a posse of his mates to carry the day.

      Progress with Chinese characteristics.


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