Nanjing Caps Divorce Rate – For Sake Of Money, Of Course

Nanjing restricts divorce
In March, China began regulating the number of properties families could buy, prompting couples around the country to file for divorce so they could buy more properties. In Nanjing, the schools available to children were tied to household registration, causing another wave of divorces in that city (we wrote about this one, citing Louis CK). So what's a poor government to do in the face of that terrible loophole to its policy?

Pictures Of Louis CK Performing In Beijing

Louis CK in Beijing
The Beijinger just posted 24 pictures of Louis CK at work on Sunday night. Go check it out (we sample a few after the jump). In the above, we can only assume he was delivering his Chinese potbelly joke, which RFH described thusly in yesterday's review: Of course, though, China is changing, as Louis kept remarking: “We [Americans] think you’re all peddling bicycles, wearing little hats… it’s nothing like what we think.” But “I keep seeing this guy: [flips up shirt to reveal proud potbelly].”

Louis CK In Beijing: BJC’s Review

Zhengyici Theater
Louis CK played a show in Beijing last night; he spoke for just over an hour. Here’s what we can’t talk about – the organizers. Even though they were in season and up on stage last night, handing out the shout-outs like skittles, after midnight, they became as shy as hedgehogs and asked us not to even mention their names. So, thanks [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted] and special thanks to Louis’s official Chinese sponsors, a new, Beijing-based, live, streaming porno site offering all users free credits per orgasm that can then be exchanged for Jack Daniel’s, Cheerios and Ray Bans; their site is found at [redacted].

At Louis CK’s Beijing Show Last Night

At Zhengyici Peking Opera Theater, before Louis CK took the stage
I guess Louis CK's Beijing show, which we told you about last Tuesday (and un-told you about after exorbitant ticket demand made organizers skittery), went off without a hitch. Jacob, who operates the excellent YouTube channel BeijingShenghuo, wrote in about his experience: I was at the Louis CK show tonight, as per your blog request I'll tell you a little about it. Kro's Nest and Slow Boat where there providing pizza and beer (not for free, of course, or even discounted)

Louis CK Will Be In Beijing [UPDATE]

Louis CK coming to Beijing
UPDATE, 11:45 am: I’m told that tickets are no longer available. UPDATE, 11:58 am: Please stop calling Chopschticks. UPDATE, 2:43 pm: At the request of organizers and in light of recent events, we’re removing some content in this post, partly because we’re huge fans of Louis CK, but also because we just don’t want to... Read more »