Parents File For Divorce To Send (Probably Shitty) Kids To Kindergarten

Because of hukou (registered permanent residency) issues and other bureaucratic folderol, three couples in Nanjing divorced so that their kids could attend public kindergarten. According to Shanghai Daily, who quotes one of the divorcees interviewed by the paper Modern Express:

After the divorce, their three-year-old son is eligible to be enrolled by the kindergarten as he and his single mother hold hukous in the same area.

“We don’t have any other choice. I almost cried and wanted to give up when the staff workers try to mediate between us, but I didn’t,” Jiao told the newspaper. “A family’s happiness is not directly linked to marriage,” she said.

The solution is obviously to 1) not have children, and 2) not get married, but seeing as how some are foolish enough to compound the error of sociological conjugation with biological consummation, what’s left to be done other than to say “fuck it.” Fuck it. Say it with me: Fuck it. Fuck it all.

(By the way, “fuck it” is a punchline from Louis CK, who’s in the above video [and Youku one at the very bottom] doing the Comedy Central special One Night Stand. The “shitty kid” reference in the title is to another Louis CK bit, here:

YouTube version here.

One Night Stand:

(H/T Alicia)

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