Louis CK Will Be In Beijing [UPDATE]

UPDATE, 11:45 am: I’m told that tickets are no longer available. UPDATE, 11:58 am: Please stop calling Chopschticks. UPDATE, 2:43 pm: At the request of organizers and in light of recent events, we’re removing some content in this post, partly because we’re huge fans of Louis CK, but also because we just don’t want to be dicks to the people working hard behind the scenes here; we’ll post an update next week. Thanks for your understanding.

UPDATE, 2:55 pm: We’re not Taobao, and attempts to use this space as such will result in banishment.

UPDATE, 6/13, 11:51 pm: I’ve restored the original post here

If you didn’t know, Louis CK is currently the best comedian working, and he’s swinging through town this week. In his honor, after the jump, videos of the master at work.

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

Grammy-winning show “Hilarious” in full:

    14 Responses to “Louis CK Will Be In Beijing [UPDATE]”

      • The Tao

        I’m told he’s in town filming for Louie, but if he doesn’t take the stage, I feel like I wouldn’t be too upset contributing 130 RMB to his life.

        If I weren’t in Shanghai on Sunday and missing this show, that is. Damnit.

    1. robagent

      Yeah, seriously!!! I’ll suck your cock if you tell me if he’s coming to shanghai and where to see him… “what I’m 27, maybe I’ll do the next 2/3′s gay…”


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