7 Dead, 18 Injured After Man Ignites Explosives On Motorcycle

Guangdong explosion
An explosion amid a banquet in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province on Wednesday afternoon resulted in at least seven dead and 18 injured, according to Chinese media. Around 1:30 pm on February 13, according to police, a man surnamed Chen rode a motorcycle carrying explosives to the house of the Zhao family, not sure why. He proceeded to... Read more »

What Are “Average” North Koreans In Pyongyang Saying About Its Country’s Third Nuclear Test?

North Korea nuke test featured image
We know what the US, Japan, South Korea, and China think about North Korea's third nuclear test yesterday (none of them are happy), but about North Korean citizens? That's a stupid question, of course. We'll never know what the majority of them think, for obvious reasons. But via Dragon TV news, we know what a tiny number of them are willing to say on television:

13-Month-Old Baby Killed Underneath Chinese Family Planning Official’s Car [UPDATE]

Chen Liandi
This looks bad. Around noon on Monday, a 13-month-old baby was run over by a birth control official's car in Rui'an county near Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, according to state media. Reports the Guardian: According to the report, he had been in the arms of his father. But after the officials started their vehicles, he was found crushed under one of the cars. Officials took him to hospital but doctors were unable to save him.

Carbon Monoxide Claims More Victims, This Time In Beijing Apartment

Carbon monoxide
Five medical students were found dead Monday in an apartment they shared in Beijing’s Choayang District, according to Xinhua. Arriving at the rented house in Chaoyang District at around 8:30 am, emergency doctors found the five men, from Harbin Medical University in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, had all stopped breathing and had no pulse, police... Read more »

American Kim Lee Wins Landmark Divorce Case Against Abusive Husband

Kim Lee and Li Yang
American Kim Lee came into the Chinese spotlight in 2011 when she dared to speak out against domestic violence. She posted pictures of injuries suffered at the hands of her abusive husband, Crazy English founder Li Yang. And then she publicly hassled him about signing their divorce papers. Well, yesterday morning, Kim won about as definitively... Read more »

Shenzhen Rolls Out Legislation To Enforce “Civilized” Behavior, But Will It Work?

Shenzhen civilized city
Shenzhen prides itself on being one of China’s most “civilized” cities. Now it’s drafting legislation to back it up. On March 1, Shenzhen will become the first Chinese city to enforce civil behavior by law. According to Shenzhen Daily: Shenzhen’s Civilized Behavior Promotion Law lists 10 public behaviors that are deemed uncivilized and lead to fines... Read more »