Taiwan’s Special Forces Will Kill You In Your Sleep

Taiwanese Special Force

Do not mess with the Taiwanese Special Forces. They will suck the soul out of you and beat it to a pulp. With their eyes. In your nightmares.

The above is via Rocket News 24, which calls these guys a “Special Force clone army.”

Other than the obvious added protection and intimidation factor of the masks, there is one other possible explanation for the Taiwanese government issuing them: they don’t want us to realize that they’ve actually just introduced a horrifying army of supersoldier Boba Fett clones.

Another look:

Taiwanese Special Force 2

We’re all for a good martial outfit, but can we offer an alternative design? One that conveys conflict resolution instead of death to your mother and your extended family?

Taiwanese Special Force modified

(H/T Alicia)

    3 Responses to “Taiwan’s Special Forces Will Kill You In Your Sleep”

    1. terroir

      No one here play Modern Warfare? This is straight up face armor as also worn in “Army of Two”.

      That, or they play for the evil team in “Strange Brew”.


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