Motorcycle Runs Red Light, Crashes Into Van, Explodes

We’re going to go ahead and laugh at this because the motorcylist in this video isn’t dead (lucky dude), and because the explosion is almost a bit too perfect. Watch, from multiple angles, as a motorcycle runs a red light, crashes into the side of a four-wheel vehicle, and immediately self-immolates out of shame.

“The van’s driver had no injuries,” informs the interviewed traffic cop.

POSTSCRIPT: Here’s a bonus video from Beihai, Guangxi. It doesn’t end as well: a drunk driver ran a red light and plowed into a motorcyclist, killing him:

    One Response to “Motorcycle Runs Red Light, Crashes Into Van, Explodes”

    1. Mano

      That first video is classic. The explosion is perfect is it not?

      The second video is sad. They recently took a large number of police off the streets here in my city, and I can see things like this happening more often now that the already lax police force gets to sit in their offices now.


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