Oh My God, Chinese Motorcylist. And LOL

Ignore the 2010 timestamp. This video just appeared yesterday on Youku, titled, “Most insane motorcycle driver in history,” and not only is that true, but this guy makes a good case for being history’s funniest.

At the seven-second mark, the motorcyclist/scooterist in question — carrying someone on his backseat — crashes into a white van. Confronted by the van’s driver, he flees, leaving his passenger behind.

At the 22-second mark, he crashes into the side of a black sedan. Sheesh. Bad day getting worse. The sedan driver gets out of his car and is like, Dude.

At the 32-second mark, the motorcyclist — still fleeing, or trying — nearly hits another scooterist. He judders to a stop, and swerves to make his getaway while everyone watches, dumbfounded.

At the 35-second  mark, he goes head-first into the front of an incoming truck. He staggers off his bike clutching his side. Someone exits the truck and is like, You serious, bro?

The guy, undeterred, hops right back onto his bike and proceeds to drive through a railing and into a hole.

We’re not sure why Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is the soundtrack for this video, but it’s oddly appropriate, as only Beiber can be.

Readers of this blog will know the letters “lol” have never appeared in this space before, but holy crap, motorcylist. L-O-fucking-L.

(Shanghaiist has a version of the vid from Liveleak without the music)

    10 Responses to “Oh My God, Chinese Motorcylist. And LOL”

    1. Patricia

      Laughed so hard I cried! If such a thing as instant karma exists, that hole to hell was it! LOL is right.

    2. narsfweasels

      I just don’t get it: why didn’t the driver of the van and sedan pin him down and beat him half to death/call the police after he hit them?

      • wafflestomp

        I know, but it’s funny seeing the car driver check for damage so closely instead of you know, detaining the guy. I doubt a bike can do so much damage without dismounting the rider against a car.

        Chinese people driving (on any vehicle) are animals. Thank fucking god the pilots in China are all foreign trained. Wonder why?

    3. Jay

      Most likely intoxicated.

      I saw a drunk trying to ride a bicycle doing the same style of maneuvers in an intersection in Tianjin.

      People were mostly helpful to him even though he was convinced he could ride his bike home.

      He crashed 5 times while I was there.


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