Tidal Bores Continue To Delight While Typhoon Usagi Kills

Tidal bore
A tidal bore, in which "the leading edge of an incoming tide forms a wave (or waves) of water that travels up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay's current," as defined by Wikipedia, caused hundreds to gather at the bank of Qiantang River Haining, Zhejiang Province yesterday.

Watch This Surprise Marriage Proposal At Beijing Improv

Tomas and Jenia featured image
At a recent Beijing Improv show, Tomas was called up on stage as a volunteer and asked if he knew anyone in the crowd that could join him in a little game. He picked his girlfriend, Jenia. The two stood on opposite sides of the stage, acting as the ends of a telephone line, with their words transmitted from one to the other via two Improv performers.

Charles Xue Apologizes On National TV For Being An Internet Celebrity

Charles Xue apologies on news
Several places have reported on this, but Global Voices wins top-link for its headline: "Opinion Leader Charles Xue Forced to Prostitute Himself on Chinese State TV." Indeed, above, you'll see Xue, an investor and influential social media presence, issuing one long self-criticism about the pratfalls of celebritydom. Remember, this was a guy who was arrested ostensibly for solicitation. Everyone has always speculated that it was actually for his outspokenness, which Xue seems to have confirmed with his 10-minute self-flagellation.

Guangzhou Storehouse Explosion Kills At Least 4 [UPDATE]

Guangzhou storehouse explosion 1
Another explosion rocked southern China, this time in Guangzhou. At 11:50 am today, according to Xinhua, a storehouse in the Ezhangtan area of Baiyun district went up in flame, rubble, and smoke. Four are confirmed dead, and at least 36 others injured. The exact cause is unknown, but initial reports are that -- unlike the blast outside a Guilin primary school yesterday -- this was an accident.

Xinjiang Scored A Wondrous Own Goal At The Chinese National Games

Own goal at China National Games
Liaoning played Xinjiang in the semifinals of a U-20 tournament at the National Games of China on Sunday, and the two sides managed to score one goal each in a mostly (we're guessing) sloppy, mistake-ridden, difficult-to-watch contest. There was one redeeming moment for us to treasure though. Let's go to the tape.

Beijing Women’s Rugby Team Throws Match After Controversial Call, Loses 71-0

Beijing rugby players throw match
Bad calls happen in sports, we all know, but rarely does a team react like this. In the finals of the women's rugby sevens competition at the 12th Chinese National Games on Tuesday in Shenyang, Liaoning province, Beijing went down two early unconverted tries, 10-0, against Shandong. Early in the second half, a Beijing player was shown a yellow card and sent off. While she was on the bench, Shandong scored another try -- though on a controversial play...

A Closer Look At The Cop Who Smashed A Baby, And Those Who Failed To Serve Justice

Cop who threw baby to the ground
Sometime after 9 pm on July 18, Linzhou police officer Guo Zengxi, off-duty and on a night-long bender, stumbled outside a KTV building, snatched a 7-month old infant out of an unfamiliar couple’s hands, raised her over his head, and slammed her into the ground. The young girl, named Yueyue, lost consciousness before being rushed to the hospital, then spent days in intensive care with multiple skull fractures.

Fall In Love With Xinjiang In Christoph Rehage’s “The Longest Way 2.0”

The Longest Way - Back to Xinjiang
In 2008, Christoph Rehage walked more than 4,500 kilometers through China, grew a beard, and made an incredible video that made it to No. 8 on Time.com's list of top viral videos of 2009. It was called "The Longest Way." Rehage's follow-up, "The Longest Way 2.0 - Back to Xinjiang," is just as stunningly good. Released two weeks ago on Vimeo, it details Rehage's 865-kilometer "summer stroll" from Urumqi to Khorgas, featuring footage from 2010 to 2012.

Watch: Bo Xilai During Happier Times, Singing And Laughing In 2007

Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai during happier times
Moving to Chongqing to become its Party Chief was clearly a step up the political ladder for Bo Xilai in 2007, but one figures it must have been bittersweet for him to leave Beijing, where -- judging by this video -- he was beloved by a large number of supporters. The above -- Bo's final speech as the Minister of Commerce -- was posted to YouTube in December 2013, but just recently tweeted out by Helen Gao. Bo would move down south to begin his stint as a member of the Central Politburo, tabbed for sure elevation into the Standing Committee... until, that is, his career and his life veered off track thanks to his wife, Gu Kailai, his former police chief, Wang Lijun, and Neil Heywood, who just had to get himself murdered.