Shanghai Bank Teller Laughs At Cleaver-Wielding Robber

Bank teller laughs at robber

“Hey look at this loser, ha ha. He’s holding a giant cleaver.”

A man unsuccessfully tried to raid a China Construction Bank in Shanghai (Zhoujiazui, specifically) last Thursday. He walked up to the teller and pressed a large knife to the window. The teller burst out laughing before calling security, who wrestled the man to the ground with ease. Insult, meet injury.

This was uploaded to Youku and Ku6 three days ago and has made its way across Chinese media. We especially like the look on the customer’s face when she realizes a man holding a large knife is calmly standing next to her:

Bank teller laughs at robber2

(H/T Candice Lee, Huffington Post for the GIF)

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