Video Purportedly Shows Kunming Police Seizing Female Attacker

The above, posted 17 hours ago to Youku, purportedly shows a female attacker being captured on the night of the Kunming Railway Station massacre that left at least 29 dead and more than 140 injured.

Sinosphere adds that the video, naturally, spread to news outlets including Hong Kong-based and Yunnan Television. Unlike previously reported, it seems that only four of the 10 attackers were killed and one captured.

Other coverage has focused on the numerous small acts of kindness during the attacks. Passengers fled into Dico’s, where employees tended to the wounded with what supplies were on hand. Hundreds squeezed into a hotel, where they were ushered to safety upstairs. A nearby grocery store also offered shelter. Taxi drivers gave free rides to the hospital.

Also, there’s an editorial from Xinhua, posted less than two days after the attack, which we’ll just gingerly leave here and back away from: “US double standard on terrorism encourages slaughters.”

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    1. ohReally?

      Treat anything coming out of China with a grain of salt. For all you know, the senseless massacre could have been an engineered event by the you know who.


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