900 Dead Pigs Found In Shanghai Waterway [UPDATE: Swine Count Now In The Thousands]

Dead pigs in Shanghai 2
People in Shanghai never stop complaining about Beijing, and with sandstorms sweeping into the capital, the people in this country's Second City have been growing quite smug about their marginally healthier air. Well, now… Shanghai isn't exactly environmentally pristine. This weekend, more than 900 dead pigs were found added to the aquatic ecosystem in the Songjiang section of Huangpu River.

This Sad Polar Bear In Beijing Again Highlights The Paltry Condition Of China’s Zoos

Paltry Beijing Zoo conditions for polar bear featured image
Whether dealing with common pets or endangered species, many humans still don't know how to be humane. But public reaction to conditions at the Beijing Zoo and an incident at South China Normal University in Guangdong indicate that at least awareness is growing among animal advocates and netizens in this country. A video of the poor living conditions of a polar bear at the Beijing Zoo, posted by Sina Weibo user @临临Lynn, elicited a flood of comments yesterday.

Wanted: Marxist-Leninist scholar who can also handle a zoo animal or two

The East is Read
Insert every Animal Farm reference you can think of. Go ahead, just dump em here. Because they’re appropriate for this story, via SCMP: The Yangcheng Evening News recently stumbled upon Guangzhou Zoo’s entrance exam and found a section of it aimed at evaluating applicants’ “mastery” of Marxist-Leninist thought. This means the 15 zookeepers being recruited at the... Read more »

Another Zoo Incident In China: Man Bites Ostrich To Death

Man kills ostrich featured image
Mental health issues are no laughing matter, and neither is biting a large flightless bird to death. What to call this then? At a zoo in Guangdong province on Saturday, a man bit and killed a live ostrich in front of elders and children, then laid on the dead bird and made gun motions with his finger at the police. The man, 27-year-old Li, was found with a suicide note in his pocket addressed to his mother and girlfriend.

Chinese Propaganda Chief Does Propaganda Thing, Turns Into An Animal

Liu Yunshan
Liu Yunshan, who was introduced to this blog not long ago in relation to Xi Jinping’s displeasure with his handling of the Southern Weekly incident, recently completed a tour of Shaanxi province, and as the chief of China’s Central Propaganda Department, he made sure to bring along some of his propagandizing friends. Here’s the lead of... Read more »