The Squid Bomb Is A Real Thing, Apparently

Squid bomb
"Squid bomb" can refer to squid jigs for catching squids, a World War II anti-submarine weapon, or this annoying video featuring Squidward Tentacles. It's never meant to be taken literally, i.e. a bomb inside a squid. Until now. Now it can mean exactly that: a bomb inside a squid.

Now They’re Throwing Dead Ducks, Thousands Of Them, Into The River

Dead rubber duck
As if 16,000 ducking pigs in the river wasn’t enough of a prodigious ducking fact, Danwei tells us more than a thousand dead fucks have now been found in a Chinese river. The front page of the Tianfu Morning News (天府早报) from Sichuan province today reports that on the afternoon of 19 March, more than a thousand dead ducks were... Read more »

More Than 16,000 Dead Pigs In Shanghai River; And Now Here’s Jay Leno With Jokes

Jay Leno featured image
“Well,” says the at the 4-minute mark of his opening monologue, “it seems the number of dead pigs found floating in a river in Shanghai has now risen to over 13,000.” An Angry Birds joke follows, which is lame. “Chinese officials said the dead pigs won’t affect the quality of drinking water in the river,” he... Read more »

The Farmer Responsible For Dumping 6,601 (And Counting) Swine Carcasses Into Shanghai River Has Been Detained

Pig asks WTF
Seriously, now: forget the jokes, forget about water safety concerns, forget everything until this question is answered: what possibly could have gone through the mind of the homicidal pig farmer who dumped more than 6,000 pigs into the Huangpu River? Did a pig farm explode? Does circovirus cause pigs to go mad and jump in... Read more »