Rubber duck in Victoria Harbor 1
I don't really have anything to add to Hong Wrong's piece about the 16.5-meter duck in Victoria Harbor, "In Pictures: HK Goes Completely Insane For Big Yellow Duck’s Arrival," or Shanghaiist's guide to SCMP's articles about these rubber ducks (with rolling updates), except to say this is awesome:

China Creating Super Viruses, Just ‘Cause

Chinese super virus H1N1 H5N1
China is mixing deadly H5N1 bird flu viruses with H1N1 swine flu viruses. You heard that right. The virus can already be passed between guinea pigs, which are used in these experiments as some sort of guinea pigs. They are making pigs and birds science-bone each other until they come up with some sort of superbug.... Read more »

Cute Two-Headed Pig Born In China

Two headed pig in China
On the morning of April 9, a sow in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province gave birth to a dozen piglets, including this one with two heads. The adorable youngling is reportedly 28 centimeters long and weights 1 kilogram. Don't get too attached though, because it's not expected to live long. Those with polycephaly don't usually survive to adulthood. The pig is owned by a villager surnamed Ouyang, who hopefully thinks better of giving it a water funeral.

Don’t look now, but four more sick from H7N9 [UPDATE]

The East is Read
This will be fun: let’s track new cases of bird flu, specifically this new, confounding H7N9 strain. Four more cases have been reported by a health bureau in Jiangsu province, according to AP. It remains non-contagious and not actually caused by birds. The health bureau of eastern Jiangsu province said in a notice on its... Read more »