Wuhan Has Its Own Giant Rubber Duck, But Smaller

Rubber duck in Wuhan
Noting the wild popularity of Hong Kong's big rubber duck in Victoria Harbor, designed by Florentjin Hofman, Wuhan went ahead and got its own. It's made by a property company, notes Sina. To be honest, I'm surprised that a property company practicing shanzhai wouldn't go bigger instead of smaller. Surely 16.5 meters isn't the upper limit for rubber duck sizes.

Ostrich On The Loose Hit By Multiple Cars, Keeps Running Because It’s An Ostrich

Ostrich crosses road featured image
An ostrich escaped from a zoo in Zhangzhou, Fujian province recently and proceeded to run, ostrich-like, against traffic. It knocked over a motorcyclist before twice being hit by cars. Each time, it picked itself up, shook off the cobwebs, and continued running, because it's an ostrich. The cop interviewed in the above video says they enlisted the help of the zoo to catch this bird, because "we're inexperienced, we don't know how to catch it."

Chinese Businessman Buys Pigeon Named After Usain Bolt For $400,000

Pigeon confused
If you knew only these facts: 1. A racing pigeon called "Bolt" (after Olympian Usain) was sold by a Belgian breeder to a businessman for 310,000 euros ($400,000), and 2. It's a fucking pigeon, You would have to guess, would you not, that the businessman who bought it was Chinese? Because who else anywhere would have 100 K short of a half million to throw at a fucking pigeon?

1,177 Tons Of Fish Dead Of Oxygen Deprivation Near Yunnan Hydroelectric Dam

Dead fish in Yunnan tilapia hypoxia
Thousands of fish have been dredged out of a reservoir near Sinan River Power Station, a hydroelectric dam in Yunnan province. How many thousands? Whatever 1,177 tons comes out to -- about half a million, give or take many thousand. The deaths began on May 20, according to Yunnan Net. Five days later, 1,177 tons of fish, mostly tilapia, were dead, including 3.6 million fry. The economic losses are estimated at 13 million yuan.


Rubber duck sinks
The 16.5-meter inflatable duck in Hong Kong's Victoria Bay remains entertaining. Look at the above. Just look at it. It was due to air leakage, says Sina. It lasted 12 days, as of yesterday. Pity the duck. Pity us all.

All Sorts Of Awful: Black Bear Mauls Monkey After Bikes Collide At Shanghai Wild Animal Park [UPDATE]

Bear mauls monkey featured image
What happens when a bear races a monkey on a bicycle? First of all, stop. Why is a bear racing a monkey… Oh fuck it. Take over, Huffington Post: During the performance, two monkeys take the lead as onlookers laugh and cheer. The bear is hot on their heels, however, and a second-lap crash quickly turns... Read more »

Please Enjoy This Adorable Red Panda Named Firefox Doing Pull-Ups In Fuzhou

Red panda does pull-ups 2
This is already more than a week old, but it's too good to dismiss on those grounds. Check out this red panda at the Fuzhou Panda World in Fujian province, being all adorable to ridiculous levels. His name is Firefox, and it's no mere raccoon. In this 30-second clip, it basically makes everyone forget that other type of panda. We're told the red pandas at this reserve can also balance on balls and ride electric vehicles.