The River Runs Red: Yangtze River In Chongqing Mysteriously Discolored

What the heck happened to the Yangtze River? Granted, part of the Yangtze is called the Tuotuo — derived from the Mongolian name that means frothy red river – but this is a little much.

On Thursday, residents of Chongqing woke up to find their beloved river the color of — pardon the dramatics — blood. Was Death heralding its arrival upon these shores? Would the end of our world bubble forth from these riparian banks?

Authorities are currently investigating. The coloration could be due to silt, or industrial pollutants — which wouldn’t surprise us, considering something similar happened two months ago in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province when a latex factory disgorged many tons of a milky colloid into the Quxi River.

Or… as the Daily Mail notes: “According to chapter 16, verse 4 of the Bible’s book of Revelations, one of the signs that Armageddon is near will be an angel pouring a bowl into the rivers, turning them into blood.” More pictures and a video after the jump.

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    1. Wheel Nut

      How hard can it be to find the source? Get in boat. Head upstream until the water is no longer red. Park boat and see what drains into the water.


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