Another Asia-Centric Buzzfeed List, “Why Asians Are The Superior Race” (Used Ironically)

Earlier today, Buzzfeed published a winning post titled “42 Things You’ll Only See In China.” They just followed it up with “53 Reasons Why Asians Are The Superior Race,” with pictures like the above (disclosure: don’t know if the toddler is Chinese). Some of the photos you’ve undoubtedly already seen, like Kunming’s dwarf village and the 1,050-slice bacon man, which we featured here two weeks ago. But if you have a few minutes to burn, go check it out for a chuckle. Maybe you can play a “are they Japanese, Chinese or Korean?” game with yourself. (You’d be getting a bit closer to racism, but definitely not there yet.) After the jump, three of our favorite pics from Buzzfeed’s list.

Not all kids are afraid of pandas.

That is what you think it is.

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