Japanese Or Chinese? Test How Well You Can Tell Them Apart


Japochi = Japanese or Chinese. This is a thing that exists.

I did not do well. What’s your high score? Impress us in the comments.

(H/T Kevin Collier)

    14 Responses to “Japanese Or Chinese? Test How Well You Can Tell Them Apart”

    1. Mateo

      Love how the picture on Beijing Cream is of a smoking hot Chinese(Japanese?) chick, but after clicking to the site it’s all normal people. It was harder than I thought, high score 5.

    2. miyo

      Well, I’m a Japanese living in Beijing for more than ten years and my opinion is that this site is a total fake.
      I had tried three times this game, but the results totally makes no sense to me.

    3. Pengyou Hao

      The chick in the story pic is trying way too hard to look like a Japanese AV model (or photographer/art director’s intent), so it’s more than likely she’s Chinese.

      Am I wrong?

    4. Ornamental Hottie

      Much more entertaining than the last two Lao Boringwai Comics, that’s for sure. Now let’s see if he trolls here to defend himself, as usual…

    5. 大笨

      Chinese have eyes that slant upwards towards the temple, and vice versa for Japanese.Looking at the pic, the gals eyes are at 180 degrees, I would have to say her mother is Chinese and father Japanese.

    6. Tevinn

      I was really surprised by how many people claim that it’s fake. My highscore is 130… That girl is Chinese btw.

    7. Lee

      Cool test. Thanks for setting it up.
      Some of those images are not fair though, some pics are not a good view of the eyes and face straight on. Also several unusual out of the mainstream faces. And some the pics were of individuals who are not pure blood of their ethnic group like one guy was at best 1/2 Japanese.
      My best streak out of a few tries was 13, I eventual get caught on an ambiguous face. If you cheat and memorize the answers I think you could get a very high score.
      In real life I can usually guess with close to 90% accuracy between Japanese in Chinese. I have a lot of experience with both cultures so its pretty easy for me.


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