After Arrest Of Chinese American Microblog Celebrity Charles Xue, Global Times Editor Hu Xijin Reminds Us Why He’s An Ass

Charles Xue
Chinese American angel investor and Sina Weibo celebrity Charles Xue (a.k.a. Xue Manzi, with more than 12 million followers) has been detained in Beijing for "suspected involvement in prostitution," China News reported on Sunday. On August 23, off the tip from a local resident, Chaoyang District police captured Xue along with a 22-year-old woman from Henan province in a residential compound, according to the official weibo of Beijing Public Security Office:

Fans Are Clamoring For Stephon Marbury To Become The Next Coach Of Chinese Basketball

Chinese basketball snubbed handshake 3
Panagiotis Giannakis, former head coach of the Greek basketball team, arrived in May to begin a four-year contract to lead the Chinese basketball team through the 2014 FIBA World Championships in Spain and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. As of this writing, however -- following a blowout loss to Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals of the FIBA Asia Championship two weeks ago -- it doesn't look like Giannakis will survive the month.

R&B Singer Raz-B Reportedly In Coma After Being Smashed By Bottle In Zhejiang

Raz B after nightclub fight
Raz-B, i.e. De'Mario Thorton -- formerly of the American R&B group B2K -- is currently in a coma after being smashed by a glass bottle during a show on Thursday. TMZ reports that the 28-year-old was performing at a nightclub in Zhejiang province when he jumped off stage to break up a fight. Someone swung a bottle into his face, causing several cuts.

About That Tiananmen Tank Man Image In Cirque du Soleil’s Beijing Show

Tiananmen Tank Man at Cirque du Soleil
On Friday, the opening night of Cirque du Soleil's three-night performance of Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour in Beijing, a highly sensitive image was displayed on the giant big-screens above the stage in Wukesong MasterCard Arena: the Tiananmen Tank Man. As first reported by a local magazine, then excerpted by Shanghaiist:

The Wealthy Quack Who Built A Rooftop Villa In Beijing Is An Asshole

Beijing penthouse villa on rooftop
This is cool and all at first glance, but let's call a spade a spade: it's illegal, and not so cool if you're living underneath this rooftop villa, i.e. inside the 26-floor apartment building. Somehow, the rich bastard who built this -- a medical practitioner (quack?) with a private business (definitely quack) known as "Professor Zhang" -- has accomplished the nearly impossible: made us root for chengguan.

Young Woman Stabbed Multiple Times By Muggers In Beijing

Woman stabbed near Communication University of China
On Tuesday night around 10 pm, a young woman was attacked by two men near the subway station at Communication University of China, according to eyewitnesses. Police rushed to the scene. Thirty minutes later, an ambulance transported the victim to the nearest hospital, where her condition is currently unknown.

Stabbing In Beijing: Sanlitun Jingkelong Manager Dead After Reported Pay Dispute

Jingkelong stabbing
Yesterday evening at 8:30, BJC contributor Alicia was passing the Jingkelong Supermarket at Xindong Lu near Sanlitun when she saw a crowd of people gathered outside. Curious, she paused and looked in. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. A minute later, cops attired in black, with black boots -- that's how you know they're serious -- walked up and asked people to disperse. Some lingered of course, but no one quite knew what was happening. Apparently there had been a fatal stabbing inside that store just 90 minutes prior.

Young Girl Reportedly Killed By Electric Shock From KTV Mic

KTV parlor where girl was electrocuted by mic
A girl was electrocuted on Monday at a KTV parlor in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, according to Dongbei Net. Li Lingyu, 21, was performing karaoke with friends when eyewitnesses say she suddenly collapsed onto the sofa, dropping her mic. Three classmates who reached out to touch her all felt electric shocks. Another mic-holding classmate was shocked half-numb, and temporarily paralyzed.

Chengguan To Get Busier This Summer As Beijing Quadruples Street BBQ Fines

Lamb kebobs
This story was never good to begin with -- authorities crack down on street barbecue vendors, who by the way may be passing off rat meat as lamb skewers, because they think street barbecueing contributes significantly to air pollution -- but the folks in charge have found a way to make it worse: more chengguan are expected to deal with this issue, because now fines are serious, as in quadruple what they used to be.