Deceased Patient’s Relatives Turn Violent In Shanghai Hospital

Here are some folks that jumped straight into the “anger” portion of the grieving process. A 22-year-old man died of kidney failure in a Shanghai hospital’s intensive care unit on October 17, and his family responded by trashing equipment, etc. Reports Sina:

It’s reported that the patient’s relatives even tried to make a doctor kneel down and apologize to the dead. Two have been arrested for further investigation.

We’ve seen plenty of Chinese hospital fights before, and heard stories of doctors being chased to their deaths by the bereaved relatives of patients, and hospitals launching retaliatory mob squads. There’s no question that security is a problem.

The proposed solution seems somewhat imperfect, but it’s a start:

We’ll still see scuffles though, as hospital visits will remain frustrating, and failures inevitable. Maybe the next fight will involve security guards.

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      Generally, there is no wrong or right way to grieve. Every individual has his and her own way. The sadness of loss however is universal. But It certainly is distressing when some people grieve this way.


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