Recommended Reading: The China Story Yearbook 2013

China Story Yearbook 2013
Last Thursday saw the publication of the China Story Yearbook 2013, the second in an annual series published by the China experts at Australia National University's Center on China in the World. It was co-edited by the estimable Geremie Barmé and Beijing's very own Jeremy Goldkorn. Disclosure: I'm partial. I occasionally write for the China Story blog, but don't let that deter you. The yearbook is packed with insight and perspectives you won't find in commercial media, with gems that will prove invaluable to any China watcher.

Police Are Now Using Pistols And Shovels To Kill Tibetan Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiff shot and beaten 6
Not a week after we learned about a Tibetan Mastiff that was brutally shot to death by armed officers, here's a story about two Tibetan Mastiffs shot -- with pistols -- and beaten -- with shovels -- by police officers and residents of a village in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. NetEase has the story and pictures. Warning: pictures aren't pleasant to look at.

Chinese Man Kills Woman And Her 4 Children In Brooklyn Out Of Jealousy

Stabbing in Brooklyn
A 37-year-old mother, Li Qiaozhen, and her four children, ages 9, 7, 5, and 1, were stabbed to death inside their home on Saturday night in Brooklyn, New York. At least one of the victims may have been decapitated. The murderer has been identified as Chen Mingdong, 25, reportedly an illegal alien from China who was staying with the family. (He is apparently Li's husband's cousin.) The New York Post reports that, according to a police source, Chen said he killed the family because they "had too much."

“Restoration” Ruins Centuries-Old Buddhist Frescos

Ancient frescos painted over
Those who don't know history are doomed to destroy it. In Chaoyang, Liaoning province, two officials have been fired for embarking on a "restoration" project that painted over centuries-old Buddhist frescos with bright and gaudy blues, yellows, and reds, resulting in tawdry Taoist figures who belong on a coloring book cover.

Beautiful Day Greets Beijing Marathoners, But…

Beijing Marathon 2013b
The 33rd year of the Beijing Marathon yesterday saw 30,000 participants run underneath a blue sky and a beautiful little sun. Those who completed the full course started west from Tiananmen and then turned north toward Olympic Green, with Ethiopian Tadese Tola winning the men's race with a new event record time of 2:07:16 and China's Zhang Yingying winning the women's title in 2:31:19. By all accounts, it was glorious.