Beijing Bans Sale Of Knives (Again) After Latest Stabbing Spree

Knife ban in Beijing
Beijing Times reports via SCMP that supermarkets in Beijing have been instructed to stop selling knives. This comes on the heels of a city-wide crackdown on "illegal weapons," SCMP reports, which led to 1,123 knives and 327 guns being seized. We do wonder what exactly would make a knife illegal.

Another Knife Attack In Beijing: 4 Injured Outside Carrefour [UPDATE]

Carrefour stabbing 1
A man wielding a knife injured four people, including two children, outside a Carrefour in Beijing this afternoon, Xinhua reports. Eyewitnesses say the suspect planted himself on the ground after the attacks. Police identified the man as surnamed Wang, a local who was born in 1963. They have taken him into custody and sealed off the area.

Horror On The High Seas: 22 Crew Members Of Shandong No. 2683 Trawler Murdered Or Missing

Shangdong trawler mass murder 1
It sounds like a Hollywood thriller: 33 crew members start off on an ocean voyage on the Shandong No. 2683 trawler; when the fishing boat returns eight months later, only 11 men are left, with 20 killed and two missing. On June 20, a Weihai court in eastern China’s Shandong province convicted all 11 of the men for murder, reports Xinhua News Agency. Five of the men received death sentences, one was given a suspended death sentence (life imprisonment, basically), and the other five were given 4- to 15-year sentences.

Fireworks Bomber Injures Himself, No One Else, In Beijing Airport Explosion [UPDATE]

Beijing airport explosion 2
A man in a wheelchair detonated a homemade explosion this evening at Beijing Capital International Airport's Terminal 3. It happened in the international arrivals hall at 6:24 pm, according to Xinhua, with no one else getting injured. CCTV identified the man as Ji Zhongxing from Shandong province. The explosive was reportedly made using gunpowder from fireworks, and probably should be hashtagged "fail."

Watch: Unarmed Beijing Police Take Down Chaoyang Joy City Killer

Chaoyang Joy City killer featured image
A man from Yishui, Shandong province fatally stabbed two people yesterday around 5 pm in front of Chaoyang Joy City, a mall near downtown Beijing, and fatally stabbed two people, including a foreigner. He was then apprehended by unarmed police in dramatic fashion -- first, slowly backed into a corner as he's waving his knife, and then surrounded, and then taken down. You can watch all this happen on video.

GlaxoSmithKline China Executives Commit 3 Billion Yuan Of Economic Crimes

GlaxoSmithKline in China in trouble
More information is emerging in the Chinese authorities' case against British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). To bring you up to speed: the New York Times reported Monday that "high-ranking executives at the company’s China operations used travel agencies as money-laundering shops to funnel bribes to doctors, hospitals, medical associations, foundations and government officials." So much money was being funneled that local travel agencies "would compete for the chance to take part." Four GSK executives -- all Chinese nationals -- were detained.

Tang Hui, Rape Victim’s Mother, Wins Landmark Lawsuit Against Labor Camp Commission

Tang Hui
Tang Hui, the mother of an 11-year-old kidnapping, rape, and forced prostitution victim, was sent to a reeducation through labor camp last August for daring to raise her voice to say her daugther's rapists got off easy. The decision sparked outrage, and though Tang only served one week of her 18-month sentence, her case may have been the impetus behind proposed reforms to dissolve forced labor camps.

Li Tianyi’s Lawyers Lash Out At Media. That’s One Way Of Fighting A Gang Rape Charge

Li Tianyi
Since allegations emerged in February that Li Tianyi participated in a gang rape of a girl in a Beijing hotel, his name has been connected with his father, Li Shuangjiang, a famous PLA tenor. The fact that he's the son of a well regarded celebrity with connections to the Party should have spared Li fils from the worst of media scrutiny, but for whatever reason, that hasn't happened. And his new lawyers -- new because his old ones were fired -- are pissed about that.

Chinese Embassy In Washington DC Tagged “Chai” – Demolish – At Outset Of Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue

Chinese embassy in DC vandalized chai
The character for demolish (or dismantle) -- 拆, chai -- appeared on the Chinese embassy in Washington DC on Wednesday morning. According to Voice of America, the characters appeared three times: on two of the pillars on the embassy's front gate, and on the entrance of an office building. This happened on the same day as the opening of the fifth annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue, a two-day session between top leaders of China and the US.

Nanjing Caps Divorce Rate – For Sake Of Money, Of Course

Nanjing restricts divorce
In March, China began regulating the number of properties families could buy, prompting couples around the country to file for divorce so they could buy more properties. In Nanjing, the schools available to children were tied to household registration, causing another wave of divorces in that city (we wrote about this one, citing Louis CK). So what's a poor government to do in the face of that terrible loophole to its policy?

Sichuan Floods Cause Bridge To Collapse, House To Crumble

House swept away by floodwater in Sichuan
Torrential rains in Sichuan province have caused flooding in several cities in recent days, leading thousands of militia and reserve troops to be dispatched to the hardest hit areas. The rains actually began last week, with the worst of it coming down in the last few days. Exact numbers regarding loss of life and property aren't available yet, but the rains have given us two vivid image of the destruction.

Whistleblower Attacked With Acid, Knives, Blinded In One Eye

Li Jianxin wounded by acid and knives
This is really awful and despicable beyond words. An anti-corruption whistleblower in Huizhou, Guangdong province apparently made very powerful enemies over the course of the past year, enemies who finally got to him on Monday morning when three men attacked from behind using sulfuric acid and knives, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

Pollution Contributes To Record-Settling Algal Bloom In Yellow Sea

Algal bloom in Qingdao
It happens every year, but the algal bloom in the Yellow Sea near Qingdao, Shandong province has been historically large this year, according to the Guardian. "This year's incident has swathed 28,900 sq km (11,158 sq miles), twice as much as the previous biggest bloom in 2008," in fact, leading officials to use bulldozers to remove 7,335 tons of this green stuff from beaches.