Chinese Government Official Reportedly Bullies Sexual Assault Victim On Behalf Of His Son [UPDATE]

Chinese student accused of date rape and sexual assault
Xuanyu Zhong, the son of a Chinese government official, stood before a British court recently on charges of sexually assaulting a girl at Northumbria University in December 2011. Daily Mail reports that Zhong, 25, spurred by an obsession with rape porn, spiked a girl's drink with a date-rape drug one evening. At the court hearing, Daily Mail reports that he expressed his intent "to copy the videos" -- the many rape videos he watched -- "by raping his drugged victim." Instead, he "changed his mind at the last minute and sexually assaulted her instead."

Li Tianyi’s Gang Rape Charge Rendered, Momentarily, As “Taking Turns Having Sex” [UPDATE]

Li Tianyi
Li Tianyi, sometimes known as Li Guanfeng, is the 17-year-old son of well-known People's Liberation Army singer Li Shuangjiang, which was why it was so shocking, in February, when he was accused of participating in a gang rape. The public quickly judged him guilty, and predictably renewed curses of the country's privileged youth while anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop, the Chinese justice system to fail.

China Cracks Down On “Terrorism” After Latest Xinjiang Attack, Begins 24-Hour Patrols

Xinjiang crackdown AFP
The latest attack in Xinjiang saw 100 knife-wielding motorbikers assault a police station in Karakax county, Hotan, according to state media. "We will step up actions to crack down upon terrorist groups and extremist organizations and track the wanted," said Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, as reported by Xinhua, which states simply: "Xinjiang was hit by violent terrorist attacks in the past few days."

Chinese Media Probably Shouldn’t Be Writing About African American Suffrage

You know why Chinese media shouldn't be writing about African American suffrage? Because, lacking historical context and understanding of American society, they're likely to misinterpret facts, or run a piece headlined, “A federal state of the United States cancels African-American suffrage." Cancels? China Radio International, take a bow.

An American Was Held Hostage By Beijing Factory Workers For Days [UPDATE]

Chip Starnes held hostage
Chip Starnes, 42, is having a hell of a week. He was able to send an SOS to Associated Press reporters on Monday -- through bars in a first-floor office window, apparently -- that he was being held captive by nearly 100 workers at a medical supply plant in Beijing who are demanding better severance packages. "I feel like a trapped animal," Starnes told The Associated Press on Monday from his first-floor office window, while holding onto the window's bars. "I think it's inhumane what is going on right now. I have been in this area for 10 years and created a lot of jobs and I would never have thought in my wildest imagination something like this would happen."

Riots In Xinjiang Leave 27 Dead [UPDATE: 35 Dead]

Xinjiang riot kills 27
Unrest in Xinjiang has turned deadly once again, as riots that began around 6 am yesterday in Lukqun township, Shanshan County, Turpan Prefecture -- about 250 kilometers from Urumuqi -- have left 27 dead, including 10 rioters. Reports Xinhua: Knife-wielding mobs attacked the township's police stations, the local government building and a construction site, stabbing at people and setting fire to police cars, officials with Xinjiang's regional committee of the Communist Party of China confirmed.

Handjobs Don’t Count As Prostitution: Foshan Court

Happy Ending
Proving that chengguan need sex more than anyone, women who give "happy endings" will not be prosecuted or publicly shamed in Foshan, Guangdong province. Or something like that. Reports SCMP: Most massage parlours operate “justifiably” and the act itself is difficult to crack down on, the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper has found, along with a legal loophole which is as ambiguous as the sex trade itself.

Edward Snowden Headed To Cuba Or Ecuador, US “Disappointed” In Hong Kong

Edward Snowden to Ecuador
Edward Snowden -- ever elusive, unidentifiable -- is reportedly leaving Moscow for either Cuba or Ecuador. Reports AP: The former National Security Agency contractor and CIA technician fled Hong Kong and arrived at the Moscow airport, where he planned to spend the night before boarding an Aeroflot flight to Cuba. Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said his government received an asylum request from Snowden, and the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said it would help him.

Why Did Yan’an Chengguan Stomp On Bike Shop Owner’s Face? An In-Depth Look

Chengguan bike news fight featured image
Even while bashing the institution of urban management and enforcement -- so neatly summed up in one word, chengguan -- we acknowledge that the officers tasked with urban bureaucracy -- keeping street peddlers X meters away from the curb, making sure businesses have proper licenses, etc. -- do unenviable and difficult work. Keeping in mind that every time we see a video of chengguan beating the snot out of someone, the chengguan have their side of the story, too (and their side of the story probably has another side as well), let's examine one particular case from a few weeks ago in Yan'an, Shaanxi province, featuring a chengguan jumping on the face of a bike shop owner who was wrestled to the ground.

That Letter From A Chinese Labor Camp Found In Portland Was Apparently Real After All

Masanjia Labor Camp
Back in October, a woman in Portland found a letter written in English by someone claiming to be a labor camp inmate in Shenyang. “If you occasionally buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization," so it went. "Thousands people here who are under the persicution of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever.” The veracity was initially unverifiable.

Arson Suspected In Bus Fire In Xiamen That Killed 47 [UPDATE]

Xiamen bus fire kills 47b
Authorities are searching for a suspect they believe caused a bus fire in Xiamen, Fujian province during evening rush hour on Friday, killing 47 people and injuring 34."Some witnesses said they heard explosions about ten minutes after the fire broke out," reports Xinhua. Fifteen students who had just completed tests were on the bus, according to a press conference held earlier today.

Another Case Of Sexual Assault In Chinese School, This Time Involving American Teacher

Lycee Francais de Shanghai
A 32-year-old American teacher surnamed McMahon was detained on May 13 under suspicion of sexual assault, reports Xinhua. He worked at Lycee Francais de Shanghai (LFS), an elite French private school. Reports AFP: The Shanghai kindergarten teacher was seized by police last month after seven families filed formal accusations against him, alleging sexual abuse and rape of students of both sexes, several parents said.

8-Year-Old Girl Burns To Death In Locked Room

Child burns to death
An 8-year old girl known to play with fire burned to death while shut in her home outside Hangzhou, Zhejiang province yesterday after her parents locked her in alone and left for work. The charred remains of the child were found after two young men nearby were alerted by a neighbor who smelled the smoke and cried for help. The pair kicked down the locked door and put out the fire before firefighters arrived, according to Zhejiang News.

Beijing Mayor Who Oversaw 1989 Tiananmen Crackdown Is Dead

Chen Xitong
Chen Xitong, who was Beijing's mayor from 1983 to 1993, has died at age 84, multiple sources have told SCMP. The news was first reported by Hong Kong China News Agency (HKCNA) today. Chen's exact date of death is not confirmed, but it's ironic that the public would learn about his passing on today of all days, the 24th anniversary of the brutal military crackdown on Tiananmen Square.

Ye Haiyan Has Sparked China’s Latest Meme: “Principals, Spare The School Kids, Get A Hotel Room With Me Instead!”

Ye Haiyan Principals, spare the school kids, get a hotel room with me instead
A spate of stories about schoolmasters sexually abusing their pupils in China has caused public outrage, and at least one activist has done something to capture the mood. She nailed it on the head, judging by the authorities' reaction to her -- namely, beating her up. Ye Haiyan, on May 27 outside Wanning primary school in Hainan province, held a sign that read, "Principals, spare the school kids, get a hotel room with me instead!"

Baby 59 Has Been Released From The Hospital, But To Whom?

Baby 59
The Daily Telegraph reports that Baby 59, the resilient newborn who survived being flushed down a squat toilet, has been released from the hospital: On Thursday morning, a hospital official who declined to be named, told The Daily Telegraph the child had now been released. "We just know that the family came yesterday, accompanied by county public security officers, and took away the baby," he said. But here's where it gets complicated.

The Mother Who “Flushed” Her Newborn Down A Toilet Has Been Identified, And Has A Tremendous Birth Story

Mother identified in baby flushed down toilet case
We reported yesterday morning on the miracle baby in Pujiang, Zhejiang province who survived being flushed down a squat toilet. The latest report is -- while not necessarily more shocking -- just as incredible. Turn your attention to the above newscast, which says authorities have identified the child's mother -- in fact, had basically known who she was all this time, since she was the one who alerted her landlord to the infant in the toilet in the first place.

A Different Type Of Elevator Kills Another Man In China

A Different Type Of Elevator Kills Another Man In China featured image
Another elevator accident in China, but this one involving a lift of a different variety. A 23-year-old waiter was crushed to death by a "food elevator" in a Suzhou restaurant on Saturday, reports Shanghai Daily. The food elevator smashed his head as he poked his head into the shaft to check. He was jammed in the gap and people around him called the police immediately. The waiter was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.