Baby Flushed Down Toilet, Survives After Getting Caught In Pipe [UPDATE]

Baby rescued from toilet
This Shanghai Daily article is just slightly jaw-dropping: Police are searching for a woman who flushed her newborn boy down the toilet in a dormitory building on Saturday afternoon in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, local media reported today. The baby, however, got stuck in the L-shaped pipe and his cry alerted other tenants in the building. Firefighters arrived after receiving a call and spent two hours to saw off the pipe to free the baby.

Chinese Teenager Publicly Shamed After Vandalizing Ancient Egyptian Artifact

Ancient Luxor Temple defaced by Chinese tourist vandal
If you're going to deface an ancient artifact in Luxor, Egypt, it's best not to use your real name. That's the lesson we're learning from the Ding Jinhao incident. A microblogger named Shen, visiting the Luxor Temple earlier this month, noticed Chinese characters scribbled over a sandstone relic alongside hieroglyphics. Mortified, Shen posted a picture of this vandalism onto Sina Weibo, where it went viral. Netizens were furious, claiming the incident was a "loss of face" for the Chinese, according to China Daily.

Chengdu Police Bring Down Knife-Wielding Child Kidnapper

Police fight knife wielder in Chengdu featured image
In Chengdu yesterday, a man with a knife reportedly kidnapped a child in Jinniu District. Cops quickly arrived on the scene -- specifically, Weng Hailin and Lu Mingjian -- setting up a dramatic confrontation, part of which you can watch above. According to the Jinniu Public Security Bureau, Weng was stabbed in the left arm, severing artery. The knife-wielder was eventually subdued with the help of surrounding residents.

3 Dead In Shenzhen Road Collapse [UPDATE: 5 Dead]

Shenzhen road collapse kills 3b
A big hole formed in Shenzhen Longgang District's Henggang Road yesterday at around 9 pm, killing three people. The road collapse is under investigation. Sinkholes are particularly deadly in Shenzhen, apparently. On March 26, surveillance cameras caught footage of a five-by-eight-meter sinkhole killing a man.

Hainan Principal And Public Servant Investigated For “Child Rape,” But Not Really [UPDATE]

Child rape in China
The disturbing story surfaced yesterday: six girls from a Hainan province elementary school went missing on May 8, with four found on the 9th and the other two found a day later. "They seemed dazed, some girls have bruise on hand and neck," reported Free More News, which is generally a reliable source even though it never cites where it gets its info. "Doctors found lower body injury on all six students. From surveillance video, police found out a school principal and a government employee took students to a hotel on the evening of 8th."

Police Release Edited Security Footage Of Jingwen Death That Sparked Beijing Protest

Beijing Jingwen suicide
Surveillance footage has surfaced purportedly showing 22-year-old Yuan Liya entering Jingwen Mall in south Beijing on the night of May 2. She would fall to her death several hours later -- not seen on tape -- in what police have ruled was a suicide. Authorities reportedly blocked Yuan's family from seeing this footage last week, which was one of the reasons cited for an unusually large protest in front of Jingwen on May 8 that caused gridlock and an increased police and paramilitary presence through the city center.

New York Times: “Woman Is Arrested In Rape Rumor That Ignited Beijing Protest”

Girl from Anhui whose death at Jingwen sparked Beijing protest
The headline says it all, but here's the story: The Beijing police say they have arrested a woman for spreading online rumors in connection with the death of a migrant worker that touched off a rare protest in the Chinese capital on Wednesday. A 28-year-old Beijing woman surnamed Ma was arrested Thursday for writing on Sina Weibo, China’s largest Twitter-like microblog service, that the dead woman had been raped by seven security guards at a clothing market and then jumped from the building. This Beijing protest on Wednesday.

South Beijing Teeming With Police In Response To Massive Protest After Death Of Allegedly Gang-Raped Girl [UPDATE]

Yongdingmen2 3
A massive police and paramilitary presence has descended upon Fengtai District around Jingwen Clothing and Apparel Shopping Mall, the scene of either a suicide or murder last Friday. On May 3, a young woman from Anhui province fell to her death from the Jingwen building after allegedly being gang-raped. Police hastily ruled her death a suicide and refused her family's request to see the surveillance footage. This afternoon, thousands (edit: possibly only "hundreds") of people -- many who are migrant workers from Anhui -- gathered in a planned protest between Jingwen and Yongdingmen, a gate just south of the Temple of Heaven on Second Ring Road (a few kilometers north of Jingwen). Hundreds of police have shown up in turn, many in riot gear. Traffic is reportedly backed up for miles.

How Police Neutralized A Knife-Wielder Who Killed 2 In Beijing (Video)

Li Jinghui, Beijing knife attacker
A man from Bayan, Heilongjiang province attacked random drivers and passengers with a knife near Guangqumen Bridge in Beijing on Saturday afternoon, killing two and injuring another. Police say Li Jinghui, 36, "took the drastic actions because he had trouble in his relationship," according to Xinhua. Li ducked into a car and was dragged out both citizens and police. During the ensuing scuffle, which you can watch above, Li suffered fatal wounds. "Police eventually took control of the situation but Li later died in hospital from his injuries," writes Xinhua.

Vandal Damages Forbidden City Antique, Claims, “If I Didn’t Smash The Glass, The Glass Would’ve Smashed Me!”

Forbidden City vandal featured image
An ancient clock was damaged when a vandal smashed a glass inside a Forbidden City pavilion on Saturday. The window was repaired and the pavilion was reopened the next day, and the damage seems minor. The man, 22-year-old Wang something, reportedly yelled while being arrested, "If I didn't smash the glass, the glass would've smashed me!" Authorities are now considering upgrading the windows on all the Forbidden City's exhibits to keep out the crazies.

At Least 2 Dead, 3 Missing In Tunnel Collapse At Xi’an Subway Construction Site

Xi'an subway collapse
At least two are dead after an accident at a subway construction site in Xi'an, Shaanxi province this morning. At around 2:40 am, a tunnel caved in as nine workers were in the midst of building Line 3. Four have been rescued, but of the five that were buried, two have been found dead while the other three are still missing. (Note: the title of the above video claims three died on the scene.)

China Creating Super Viruses, Just ‘Cause

Chinese super virus H1N1 H5N1
China is mixing deadly H5N1 bird flu viruses with H1N1 swine flu viruses. You heard that right. The virus can already be passed between guinea pigs, which are used in these experiments as some sort of guinea pigs. They are making pigs and birds science-bone each other until they come up with some sort of superbug.... Read more »

Three young speeding motorcyclists in Hainan, chased by police, die

The East is Read
Surely at some point we've all encountered street racers or speeding motorcyclists in China, usually young people with too much money and too much time. And how many of us have been able to suppress the thought, I really hope they get into trouble. Death? No, not that. But trouble -- a hefty fine, a 12-point driver's license deduction, a single-vehicle wreck...

Hebei Principal Poisons To Death Two Students From Rival Kindergarten

Kindergarten students poisoned to death
Two young children were the victims of a dispute between the adults of rival kindergartens last week, according to Xinhua. Let that punch in the gut settle in. Xinhua reports that the principal of an unnamed kindergarten in Pingshan, Hebei province intentionally laced yogurt with tetramine, then hired someone to have it sold along a route that children... Read more »

Accused NASA Spy Bo Jiang’s Worst Offense May Have Been Downloading Porn, According To US Justice System

NASA astronaut porn
Bo Jiang, the suspected Chinese spy who was pulled off a plane on March 16 just as it was preparing to fly him out of the country, downloaded more than just classified NASA documents and sensitive information, as revealed by Bloomberg. Actually, let’s back up a bit. Did he actually possess classified NASA documents and state... Read more »

In Light Of Another Pedophile Found In Chinese Schools, State Administration Of Foreign Experts Issues “Urgent Notice” On Teachers

Man and child
A 63-year-old American who was convicted twice of child porn offenses was reportedly working at a Nanjing school until between 2007 and earlier this year, reports the Chinese newspaper Modern Express. He apparently left the country two months ago. In light of this case and the one of Neil Robinson, who was detained in Beijing... Read more »

Beijing To Get A Second Basketball Team: Shanxi’s

Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons basketball team
A bombshell in the CBA: Boss Wang Xingquan of the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons has sold his team to Beijing Enterprises Group Co. Ltd., for 1.2 billion 120 million yuan (US $194.5 $19.5 million), according to Sina via NiuBBall. The Beijing-based investment group will be moving the team up north, to the nation’s capital, where Marcus Williams... Read more »