Another Weird Pageant In China, This Time Involving Goldfish

We’ve seen beauty pageants for cows, so it would naturally follow that there would be a pageant for goldfish. In Fuzhou, Fujian province on Saturday, 3,000 fish from 14 different countries competed in the International Goldfish Championship. They were judged according to breed, body shape, swimming gesture, color, and overall impression, judge Ye Qichang told ITN News.

Some fish stood out more than others, such as a 3.9-pound goldfish. That’s really fat. “Many factors such as breed and breeding method may affect their size,” Ye said. “A goldfish cannot grow into that size if it suffers any hardship or major illness during the breeding. So it is a very rare one.” And morbidly obese. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

    One Response to “Another Weird Pageant In China, This Time Involving Goldfish”

    1. Jack

      In what way is this weirder than a dog or cat beauty pageant? Goldfish fancying is pretty much China’s oldest hobby after caged birds and spitting…


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