Meet Xu Jidan, China’s Contestant For Miss Universe 2012

“Get to know the contestants of 2012 MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant,” reads this YouTube description.

Do we have to? More information about Miss China: Xu Jidan is 22, a model from Jilin province, 1.8 meters tall, and a graduate of Shanghai Donghua University. Apparently she dances flemenco. For winning Miss China, she won a ridiculous 3.68 million yuan diamond tiara — not ridiculous because she didn’t deserve it, or the results were manipulated, or she isn’t worth it… but because 3.68 million yuan.

Miss Universe is happening December 19 in New York, and viewers are able to vote their favorite contestant into the semifinals. If China ever hears about this, Xu Jidan is a lock. This country sort of loves pageants, and knows how to win ‘em.

By the way, her name is written as Ji Dan Xu on the Miss Universe website, and always only Ji Dan Xu. I think it’s because no one working for Miss Universe knows whether her last name is Ji or Xu. Youku video for those in China after the jump, plus the entire Miss China show.

Quick recap of Miss China 2012:

Full Miss China pageant:

(H/T Alicia)

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