Here’s A Bullfight In Guizhou, And Of Course It’s Funny

In Spain, people watch bullfights for the pageantry and the matador’s distinctive flair, and, perhaps for some, the climactic coup de grace. In Guizhou, on this August 11 day, at least, people watch for the comedy of poor rural handlers scampering at and away from a charging beast. (Kind of like this, actually.) How many people does it take to restrain a raging bull? More than the number you see here.

In any case, the crowd loves it. At the end, the bull is the champion, the last fighter standing in the arena, sans sword sticking out its back. That’s how it should be, I think. (Note: Chinese bullfights usually involve two bulls; the first one to retreat or is unable to continue fighting is the loser.)

For more, check out this Wall Street Journal article on the subject. Excerpt: “Chinese bull trainer Wang Youxiu says he didn’t realize Spanish bullfights end with the matador slaying the bull. Too cruel for Chinese bull owners, he says. ‘We are too emotionally attached to our bulls,’ he explains. ‘Even when they get old, we don’t kill them. We sell them to far-away places.’” Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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