The Dramatic Rescue Of A Kid Dangling From A Fourth-Story Balcony [UPDATE]

Dramatic balcony rescue Guangdong featured image
See update, 6/12. A small child in Guangdong province slipped out into his family’s fourth-story balcony on Sunday morning, then slipped through a crack. Luckily, the crack was just narrow enough to catch his her head — that is, in the above video, she’s not really holding on with hisher hands… she’s dangling from his... Read more »

Another Asia-Centric Buzzfeed List, “Why Asians Are The Superior Race” (Used Ironically)

Dog and toddler
Earlier today, Buzzfeed published a winning post titled “42 Things You’ll Only See In China.” They just followed it up with “53 Reasons Why Asians Are The Superior Race,” with pictures like the above (disclosure: don’t know if the toddler is Chinese). Some of the photos you’ve undoubtedly already seen, like Kunming’s dwarf village and the 1,050-slice... Read more »

Smuggled Babies Cost Up To 12 Times As Much As Adults. Now You Know

Living with Dead Hearts
Via Beijing Kids, a screenshot of Charlie Custer’s documentary about child abduction According to Shanghai Daily, “Eight people were sentenced to up to seven years behind bars in east China’s Zhejiang Province for stealing a baby boy and selling him 10 times within 15 months, the Youth Times reported yesterday.” Ten times! Gan and his... Read more »

Purple Panda Scares Bejesus Out Of Children

Purple panda
At first, the kids at this daycare/kindergarten seem excited about the idea of Purple Panda from PBS Kids' Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. (Purple panda, you should know, is just a purple version of the national symbol of China.) And then, something goes terribly, terribly wrong -- Purple Panda actually shows up. Much crying ensues, because we're dealing with kids, and kids are stupid.