Delivery Guys Catch Toddler Who Falls From 4th Story Of Building

Toddler caught by passersby featured image
A two-and-a-half-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after she fell from the fourth story of a building in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The toddler, identified as Qiqi, climbed on the window sill and -- sigh if you've heard this before -- crawled right on out. Her parents had left her home alone as she was sleeping, because toddlers never wake up when they're home alone.

Don’t Feed Baijiu To Babies, As One Nurse In Guangzhou Apparently Did

Hospital baby baijiu
Here's a disturbing story out of Guangzhou: on June 6, a female nurse fed a seven-day-old infant rice wine. She reportedly thought the baijiu was water, and mixed it with milk powder. The baby had to undergo treatment in intensive care. The Nanfang reports: "Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed exactly which nurse was responsible, the baby’s father, Mr. Chen, demanded that heads roll. 'I fear my daughter will suffer long-term brain damage,' said Chen."

Baby 59 Has Been Released From The Hospital, But To Whom?

Baby 59
The Daily Telegraph reports that Baby 59, the resilient newborn who survived being flushed down a squat toilet, has been released from the hospital: On Thursday morning, a hospital official who declined to be named, told The Daily Telegraph the child had now been released. "We just know that the family came yesterday, accompanied by county public security officers, and took away the baby," he said. But here's where it gets complicated.