Girl On Pug

Girl on pug
A bona fide work of art, this. Found by Alicia in Xinhua’s “Funny moments of those eccentric kids,” attributed to

Young Lady Fights Elderly Grandmother After Unleashed Dog Harasses Child

Young Lady Fights Elderly Grandmother After Unleashed Dog Harasses Child featured image
A few days ago at a shopping mall in Zunhua, Tangshan, Hebei province, security cameras caught a small dog being a small dog, by which I mean terrorizing a small child. The boy's grandmother tried to shoo the dog away (we don't know if she struck it, because that part is off-camera). This act infuriated the dog's owner, a young girl who began attacking the woman, who was in her 60s. Store attendants momentarily pulled the two apart, but the young girl continued to chase the grandmother, eventually throwing her onto the ground, where she remained for a long while before going to the hospital.

Bad Foreigner. Baaaad Foreigner. Bad! [UPDATE]

Via Sina, its caption: "A New Zealander is being taken away by police after tossing a young girl into a swimming pool in Jinan, Shandong province, Sunday."
Sigh. A New Zealand national, believed in his 50s, tossed a 5-year-old Chinese girl into a swimming pool for “her bumping into him” in Jinan, capital city of E China’s Shandong province on July 1, the provincial newspaper Qilu Evening News reported. That’s from Sina English. Apparently the man (a university lecturer), when confronted by... Read more »

Grandmother Chops Off Eight-Month-Old Granddaughter’s Hands

Baby in surgery
Not sure why this news story exists, existentially speaking, but earlier today, Shenzhen Media Group reported that on Saturday, a grandmother in Jinan, Shandong province cut off the hands of her eight-month-old granddaughter before trying to commit suicide (she survived). What does one do with a story like this? The Daily Mail picked it up... Read more »

The Greatest Father In The Universe, Right Here

Father - baby - crate
It’s easy for non-fathers to joke about what they’re going to do when they have kids, e.g., “When I’m a dad, I’m going to punt my kid around the house like he’s an Aussie football,” or, “I’m not going to spoil my kid, he’s going to sleep in a toolbox underneath the kitchen sink.” But... Read more »

Three-Year-Old In Shenzhen Dies After Falling From 4th-Story Balcony

Child dies after falling from balcony
Jesus. It was only six hours ago that I wrote, regarding balcony railings, “When until — heavens forbid — a young child actually falls through?” At 2:41 pm today, China News posted a video from a Shenzhen TV station (embedded) reporting that yesterday, a three-year-old girl died after falling off a fourth-story balcony. According to... Read more »