TV Host Du Haitao Of The Popular “Happy Camp” Physically Confronts A Fan

Anybody watch Happy Camp (快乐大本营), Hunan TV’s flagship variety show? Turn on the TV because it’s probably airing right now. The show inexplicably has five hosts. There’s He Jiong, unarguably the Ryan Seacrest of the show, then the charming Xie Na, and then three others who stand nearby and occasionally say and/or hold something. Every once in awhile, just to remind us he’s still there, host Du Haitao steps into the frame and cracks a one-liner.

But even as the scrub of Happy Camp, Du lands plenty of TV and movie roles, has millions of fans, and must be aware that whenever he is in public, someone is probably taking a video of him.

According to Du’s manager, Du was filming on location last week when a fan approached him and tried to snatch his sunglasses and necklace, but no real scuffle occurred.

Then, like clockwork, a video appeared on Sina Weibo showing Du throwing a healthy jab at the fan. The manager must’ve misled us! Alert the Weibo morality police! #duhaitaohitssomebody!

I for one can’t tell who is at fault or why there are almost 9 million discussions about this fight on Weibo. On the other hand, I’m sure that when Brian Dunkleman gets into a bar brawl, it’ll trend on Twitter. For now, Du can probably safely return to his spot on Happy Camp and continue asking C-Pop stars about their girlfriend situations.

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