Chinese Women Prefer Smartphones To Sex. Hmm

Sex and cell phones in China

According to a recent study by the communications consultancy MSL Group, around half of Chinese women would rather abstain from sex than give up their mobile devices.

Shanghai Daily reports:

The report was the result of interviews with 3,600 women between the ages of 18 and 64 in China, Brazil, Britain and the United States.

The connection between Chinese women and their devices was the strongest, with 45 percent willing to give up sex for a month to keep their smartphones. Only 39 percent of respondents in the US would do the same, compared with 38 percent in the UK and 28 percent in Brazil.

Among the reports other conclusions, it found that 71% of Chinese respondents said that they use social media to keep up with news compared to a global 46% percent.

An un-ironic 44% used social media to find love.

For comparison, a Samsung study from 2009 found “nearly a third of Denver–area residents would sooner give up sex for a year that go without a cell phone for the same amount of time.” Ditto for Boston.

Smartphones? Better than sex! (Shanghai Daily) (Image via)

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